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Letters for Saturday, March 28, 2020

Security needed where rental vehicles are stored


I sincerely hope that during this pandemic that there is some sort of security measures to guard against any vandalism/theft at these locations where these rental vehicles are parked/stored.


Michael Kiyabu, Kapa‘a

Restaurant take-out practices vary wildly

So, what are the rules/guidelines for restaurants now providing carry-out-only service?

I’m concerned. As my wife and I try to support our local businesses by “eating out,” we’re finding the carry-out procedures vary widely from place to place.

Some places have printed, single-use-only or very large, easy-to-read, outdoor, poster-size menus for ordering.

Some places continue to allow their normal menus to be passed from customer to customer.

Pens used to sign credit card charges may still be kept in a cup or bowl and passed from customer to customer.

Some allow customers to simply enter, order and carry-out as per normal. (Basically the only thing different is that there’s no indoor seating.)

Some require customers to wash up, then enter, order and carry-out.

Some places have call-in or online orders.

Some place have runners shuttling orders in and food out, i.e., the only person entering the store is an employee.

For this mandated action to be effective there needs to be rules and/or guidelines for “doing it right,” and, probably, on-site inspections to help businesses comply.

I think our restaurant owners are TRYING to do the right thing, but I’m sure MANY don’t know HOW to do it. Perhaps shoot a video showing the “right way” to comply then post it on a Department of Health website or YouTube.

David Poppe, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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