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Letters for Saturday, May 23, 2020

Tracking, tracing is the only way

There is no calvary on the way. Trump and the feds are NOT going to help. So we must do it ourselves.

Mayor Kawakami deserves all the credit in the world. To reopen our Virus-less Island we must test everyone coming onto our Island. Nothing else will suffice. Thus stations must be set up at the airport, every person must be tested. In addition, for a week to 14 days follow-up must occur for those who are here by permission.

Tracking and tracing must occur to insure our island’s safety.

Remember, we must do this ourselves until Jan. 20, 2021, then President Biden can take over and help will be forthcoming. But not before that date.

Richard Robinson, Koloa

As we start over, consider…

Starting over, let’s consider how to make life better than it was before COVID-19 with diversified industries, instant affordable housing, and ways for hotels, restaurants and businesses to recover as quickly as possible.

Depending primarily on tourism and real estate development has been short-sighted. Strikes, terrorism, pandemics, economic downturns are some of many things directly affecting Hawaii’s economy. Though tourist numbers increased through the decades, the overall economic impact and quality of life decreased.

With potential for self-sufficiency, create sustainable employment while enhancing Hawaii’s tourism industry and protecting the environment. Develop forestry and agriculture for food, textiles, energy, and all kinds of products for local use, exports, and souvenirs.

COVID-19 restrictions helped resolve traffic jams. Moving forward, reduce the number of rental cars proportionately to traffic impacts. Many tourist destinations around the world are car-less. Increasing shuttle transportation services and reliable public transit, people will adjust accordingly.

Using residences for vacation rentals is detrimental to the lodging industry. Return to the housing inventory condos and homes originally designated as residential. Though revenues may be less, long-term rental income is guaranteed. This increased housing helps stabilize the market.

Besides homes for residents, eliminating these short-term rentals will help increase occupancy of resorts, hotels and condominiums that were developed to accommodate visitors.

Considering hotel rooms lack kitchen facilities, going out to eat helps restaurants and businesses. Getting out, people shop and are enticed with tourist activities.

Though pandemic recovery presents challenges, it offers opportunities and hope for a beautiful and prosperous future.

Michele Lincoln, Lahaina
Source: The Garden Island

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