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Letters for Sunday, August 14, 2022

Vote for those who will work for us

I personally am ever so grateful for The Garden Island letter section for giving me the opportunity to express my views of many things, to say, pro or con, to rebuttal on and of things we may agree or disagree, and much more. Thank you.

Miss Molly Jones. You are a Republican, and to me your party has lied, won’t ever work for the people, will do just the opposite of what the people need. I, therefore, feel very negative about your party, and I will, and always have, disagreed with their thinking and what they stand for. You don’t agree with what I said but then, it’s a free country, and it is your prerogative to believe what you want to.

I am a Democrat, and I will always vote on the Democratic ticket. I will only vote for those who I feel are worthy of my vote. If the names of people on the ballots are not good, especially the incumbents, I have the privilege not to vote them in, but to choose who may be good. New names, new faces and newer ideas.

I didn’t say or imply I wanted all the Democrats out. But if I believe they are lousy and they stink, I’d say remove them, kick them out, and choose those who’ll for for the people.

You spoke of Steve Yoder. Now he’s a great candidate. He is a great friend of mine. He’s not only smart, but he is kind, caring, friendly, and will always work for the people. But he is a Republican, and in the primary I voted Democrat. If he is on the general election, by all means, I’ll give him my vote, and my wife’s, and all of Kaua‘i. Amen.

I will vote for those who will work for us.

To all, good luck.

Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e

Trump’s ambitions above party, country

The Democratic Party has resurrected itself from the ashes of the politically dead.

How did this happen? Well, the Republican Party has done an excellent job of splintering itself between those supporting the Trump candidates, regardless of their ability to win in November, and those of us who see the opportunity offered by a weakened Democratic Party, which includes an ineffective president, soaring inflation, border challenges and increased crime, to name just a few. The aforementioned, one would think, should ensure a Republican victory. Not necessarily so.

Previously, I voted for Trump because I supported his policies of lower taxes, a strong military, etc. However, his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election, coupled with his lack of taking immediate actions to quell the January 6 assault on Congress, precludes me from further support.

Mr. Trump has placed his personal ambitions above those of his party, and our country, while Elizabeth Cheney and others have had the fortitude to speak up and give voice to the views of so many Republicans whose perspective has been lost in the bombastic diatribe he has generated.

His exotically self-centered beliefs, supported by his vocally, strong-but-often-misguided supporters, have given the Democratic Party an unexpected gift, possibly squandering a Republican November general-election victory.

Andy Murphy, Koloa

Less darkness, more light

I grew up a Green Bay Packers fan under the reign of Vince Lombardi in the ‘60s.

Now Vince was a very conservative guy, but when it came to football he did think outside the box. Most teams faced with a 3rd and 1 would run it up the middle and alot of the time didn’t make that 1st down because the other team expected the offense to do just that.

Vince however was different.

Wide receiver Boyd Dowler, running down the sideline, would get a pass from QB Bart Starr for a 1st down or even a touchdown. This was outside-of-the-box thinking, and with that the Packers ruled the ‘60s.

Unfortunately, football stlll has alot of conservative thinking. America’s two main political parties have conservative members. The Republicans, which these days is an ultra-right party, is not the conservative party of balanced budgets, individual rights and free markets it used to be.

Now it’s the party of power solidified by a big lie, cheating and voter suppression. Oh, let’s throw some violence in the mix also. Obviously, this country can’t go forward with Republicans. Up until 3 weeks ago I didn’t think the Democrats could move us forward either. I was shocked when Joe Lump of Coal decided to breathe some clean air and the Tumbleweed of the Desert set aside some of her corporate earnings.

It wasn’t perfect, but forward thinking has allowed less darkness and more light, and another step has been taken on the road to a more perfect union.

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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