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Letters for Sunday, August 21, 2022

God bless you, Kamala Harris

Thank you, Gary Hooser, for your letter to Kamala Harris!!! VERY WELL SAID!!!!

Mahalo hui loa to Gary Hooser for taking the time to publish a BEAUTIFUL letter of gratitude and appreciation to Kamala Harris on Aug. 17. I had heard that our wonderful vice president was on island and was JUST thinking of a way to reach out my gratitude to her in a respectful way, when I came home to read your letter, Gary. It said EVERYTHING and more I wanted to say to her! Thank you!

Kamala, there are so many of us here on Kaua‘i who love and appreciate your hard work and perseverance and intelligence and compassion. May Kaua‘i fill your cup so it continues to overflow across our nation. May God bless you and may God bless America!

Kim Bayless, Hanalei

Domingo votes for self, wife?

So, Ray Domingo votes for himself AND votes for his wife?

T. Knapp, Koloa

Proud mother

How many mothers get to see their children save another child’s life?

My son, Michael, is on break from medical school. He had just arrived at the pool in our complex minutes before a baby who had slipped under the water was lifted out by a friend of the baby’s family. When Michael saw the baby was “floppy,” he took charge, checking for breathing (none), clearing her airways, guiding the baby’s mom and dad to breathe into their child, and doing everything he knew to resuscitate her. He directed my husband to call 911. Before the rescue crews arrived, the child was breathing on her own. The firefighters arrived quickly and the ambulance wasn’t far behind. Bless them!

The next day we were ecstatic to learn that the girl was doing well and would soon be released from the hospital. I have so much gratitude for the young woman who lifted the baby out of the water, the child’s parents who successfully breathed life back into her, and my son who applied his training to save a child who now has many more years of life to live.

Marian Head, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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