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Letters for Sunday, January 12, 2020

Hawaii’s workers deserve a raise

On Jan. 8, the Raise Up Hawaii coalition announced to the Hawaii state Legislature that it will continue the fight to increase Hawaii’s minimum wage to a more livable rate of $15 to $17 an hour. This could give decent relief to the more than 88,000 workers living on the paltry $10.10 an hour.

Last year, state Rep. Sylvia Luke, chair of the House Finance Committee, killed House Bill 1191 on increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, by refusing to hear it in committee on the final working day.

The 2019 legislators all received pay raises. Hawaii’s poorest workers got nothing. What a shame.

Ray Catania, Puhi

Parking lot is a disaster


So glad the mayor is interested in improving our roadways. Now mayor, have you had a chance to drive down the Kalapaki parking area and roadway? It is so rough and uneven you can barely drive down the parking lot road in our “city park.”

Please do, so you can see first and how embarrassing it is. Approximately 15 years ago there was a disaster wave event that damaged the parking lot and seawall. The county filed for disaster funds, which they received. No money ever went to repair. We have cruise ships coming in weekly to see this 15-year-old disaster.

Do you think we can do the right thing and repair this parking lot/roadway? Maybe ask Bernard Carvalho where the funds went?

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Island getting worse under new mayor

It has been over two years since Mayor Kawakami was elected, and I would like to express my displeasure.

Our island seems stressed. Our people seem stressed and our relationship with each other seems stressed.

Although he is a contributing factor, our friend Kimo’s “dear leader” is not the main problem for me.

Even though our previous mayor, Bernard Carvalho, never missed a photo op, he at least saw to it that the potholes were being given a “wash-away” patch and the roadside vegetation was being cut to safe clearances.

For example: I was coming home today from Lihue and all of a sudden there was a double mattress half in the road. Thanks to the quick reactions from those behind me, another accident was avoided.

This morning I watched a local fisherman and his son cut away the rotten stump that had been stuck against the Hanapepe swinging bridge since Christmas. Once this bridge is once again up and usable we will be back to 2 of 4 bridges functioning in Eleele/Hanapepe.

I know that the scourge of tourism can be used as an excuse for some of these problems, but the tourist dollar should be used to fix the problems with our roadside safety, county parks and homeless locals.

I could go on, but I want to say that someone told me they counted the potholes on Koloa road and came up with 60. I think they only counted the westbound lane.

Sorry Mayor Kawakami, but I give you an “F.”

Allan B White, Hanapepe
Source: The Garden Island

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