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Letters for Sunday, January 31, 2021

Pandemic Pop Quiz #8

The COVID-19 vaccine

1. Is a new type of vaccine that has a factor called mRNA in it.

2. The use of this vaccine injects a synthetic genetic material (mRNA) from non-human sources into host cells (that’s you).

3. This procedure interacts with your body to make a foreign protein to destroy the virus.

4. No long-term studies have been done on this new type of vaccine to ensure safety in humans.

5. Oh no, I can’t handle this. I am hiding under my blankets.

6. All of the above.

The new COVID-19 vaccine

1. See above first.

2. The use of mRNA is not regulated by our bodies because it is a foreign protein.

3. Because mRNA is vulnerable to destruction it is coated with lipid nanoparticles.

4. Lipid nanoparticles have been used in drugs, and have triggered allergies and autoimmune diseases.

5. The coating hides the mRNA from your immune system so the body can’t find it.

6. I am safe under my blankets, sucking my thumb.

7. All of the above.

The ingredients in the new COVID-19 vaccine

1. May contain aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury.

2. Have not been fully disclosed.

3. I am eating chocolate, sucking my thumb, safe under my blanket.

4. All of the above.

An alternative to the COVID-19 vaccine

1. Could be as simple as getting a COVID-19 antibody test.

2. If you have antibodies you don’t need the vaccine.

3. Intravenous ozone and intravenous vitamin C might be just as effective as the vaccine if you come down with COVID-19.

4. Chocolate, teddy bear, sucking my thumb and blankie are working fine for me.

5. All of the above

My night time routine includes

1. Flossing and brushing my teeth.

2. Gargling with an antibacterial/antiviral solution like diluted hydrogen peroxide.

3. Running antibacterial/antiviral nose drops up both nostrils and out my mouth.

4. Falling into bed drunk after drinking the whole bottle.

5. Chocolate, teddy bear, lambie, double blankie, sucking thumb, everything.

6. All of the above, except #4.

Here are the correct answers: last answer for all questions. You will be graded on this one, blankie or not.

P.S. Thanks to Dr. Frank Shallenberger for science info.

Molly Jones, Kealia

On ‘Finding ‘Ohana’

I got a glimpse of “Finding Ohana” on the internet. This film looks like a exciting film. It was filmed on O‘ahu. The actors already well known, Kelly Hu.

And the other actor also played a few roles in several shows that were also shot in Hawai‘i.

Hu appears to be the dominant lead actress in the movie, supported by the others. I remember Kelly Hu when she first started acting in other movies. If I am not mistaken, she played a role in 1988 in “Growing Pains,” a sitcom of a family show. It looks pretty good on first glance.

I have no gripe about they making another Hawai‘i movie. I am sure I’ll watch this movie. I am not sure of the other actors. They are all knew to me. I remember her. Always great to see a great movie. Especially in trying times, the pandemic and all. It helps to relax and unwind with a good movie to watch. Thanks, TGI, for a suggestion on what to watch.

Dean Sabado, Honolulu

Another Polihale solution needed

Regarding the issue on Polihale, it seems that our DLNR do not have the resources to protect or manage the beach traffic.

It seems silly to think you can keep people off the beach. The only way would be to shut it down. As citizens and taxpayers we have a right to be able to utilize this beach.

Could a proposed solution be in the Kaua‘i Lifeguard Association? More funding to them to have a station there would benefit the people of Kaua‘i. Polihale can be very treacherous at times. There have been many rescues there conducted by locals over the years. They could also monitor the beaches on ATV as they do on other beaches on Kaua‘i.

This is a state park. We should have full access to it. Our government has mismanaged our money so well that our people are now suffering the consequences. There has to be a solution to this issue that doesn’t end up in shutting down this beautiful place because of a few irresponsible people.

Raychel Brandenburg, Kapa‘a

Hidden fire hydrants are hazardous

Aren’t all fire hydrants supposed to be in clear view for fireman to see and work? Not barricaded by rocks, plants or any kind of debris. While driving on Kaumuali‘i Highway in Kekaha, just before the public graveyard, I’ve noticed a lot with a fire hydrant surrounded by tropical plants.

Could that be a hazardous thing for a fireman in a rush to hook up a fire hose to the fire hydrant? Fireman could trip and hurt him/her self with those objects (mentioned above) in the way.

Remember, people, fire hydrants are not on your property, and they shouldn’t be blocked, but in plain view for fireman.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Trump worship puts Republican Party in danger

If anyone is curious why the Republican Party is on a greased pole to oblivion, that person only has to read Mr. (Steve) Yoder’s recent guest editorial to understand the issue.

In his piece, Mr. Yoder praises Donald Trump, a man who invited his violent, white supremacist base — along with their confederate flags — to Washington, DC, and then incited them into a riot.

During that riot and attack on the Capitol, more than 100 police officers were injured, some seriously, and one was murdered. How is it possible for someone like Mr. Yoder to humiliate himself over and over again, to praise a small, cowardly, dishonest imbecile?

This further disgrace begs the question: Exactly how low can Republican Party officials go to kiss the ring of a failed president who was soundly rejected by the American people?

Is there no limit to how servile and morally bankrupt Republican Party leaders will act? Of course, Mr. Yoder also lied about Mr. Biden’s landslide election win (writing that Mr. Biden “cheated”), but lying in the Republican Party has become so commonplace and normalized that commenting again about that personality defect is worthless.

Republicans again suffered election losses, but not nearly enough. Continued praise of a traitorous president by Republicans will hopefully lead to Americans voting the party completely out of existence.

Kurt Last, Anahola
Source: The Garden Island

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