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Letters for Sunday, March 21, 2021

Taxes pay for state government

Once again (Sunday, March 14) The Tax Man comes out against taxes. Just think of him as “The No Tax Man.” As always, he says nothing about how we fund our government without taxes. This time he bemoans the effect that state taxes have on the wealthy, high earners and profitable corporations.

The No Tax Man quotes but does not rebut folks who say “it makes sense to ask those who are fortunate enough to be doing well in this economy to pay more,” and ask for “the wealthy and profitable corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.” Instead, he attacks them for their “ire.”

He then ignores Economics 101 and asserts taxing high-earning individuals and corporations causes prices to go up. But prices are set by competition and demand, not taxes on profits. The No Tax Man offers no research to suggest otherwise.

Next, he asks us to believe that profitable businesses will close if they have to pay a bit more in taxes. Really? A business making money will stop operating because it’s making a little less money? He must think we’re really dumb.

Finally, he makes one possibly-valid point: Rich folks who won’t pay their fair share will leave the state if taxes increase. How many wealthy folks are in that category? Is it enough to result in a reduction of tax revenue? Again, The No Tax Man offers no research.

He concludes with the preposterous proposition that taxes take “lots of money” out of the economy. Think about it for a moment: What does government do with tax revenue? That’s right, it spends it. If anything, taxes put “lots of money” into the economy.

I get it. The No Tax Man works for a foundation funded by wealthy individuals and profitable corporations. Just like the rest of us, they want something for nothing. The problem is that government isn’t free. We all need to pitch in and do our fair share to pay for it.

Dan Freund, Kapa‘a

Resident is concerned about working parents

As all our Hawai‘i representatives are getting fat raises, I am very concerned about hard-working Hawai‘i parents who are poor, may be homeless, and are struggling to provide food for their families.

Democrat President Joe Biden wants a $15 minimum wage, and 26 states are working to raise their minimum wages this year. But it is very sinful and disgraceful the Hawai‘i Democratic representatives are determined to not raise Hawai‘i’s minimum wage. Election date, Aug. 22, 2022, is approaching, and every effort needs to be made to replace Hawai‘i representatives, including honorable House Speaker Scott Saiki, who will not raise Hawai‘i’s minimum wage to help our poor families get enough food.


Will Davis, Lihu‘e

Who enforces mandatory mask-wearing?

Now that tourists are trickling in back here on Kaua‘i, who’s policing them to make sure masks are worn?

While driving up to Waimea Canyon/Koke‘e State Park, the tourists are siteseeing and walking around the lookout areas without wearing masks.

Who’s to know if they (tourists) have been vaccinated or been quarantined? We don’t need the COVID-19 virus or the stronger version to be spread here on Kaua‘i.

The vaccine shots are only in the experimental stage. Not mandating wearing masks for some (tourists) and to have us here wear masks is very contradicting!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele
Source: The Garden Island

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