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Letters for Sunday, May 22, 2022

TVR rate increase needed

To the three members who see the need for this additional revenue at “this time,” I thank you. We have had a much-discussed housing problem for a long time. When did we not need funds for affordable housing?

Mr. (Conty Council Chair Arryl) Kaneshiro found money to repave and widen Koloa Road, known locally as “Kaneshiro Highway,” to facilitate his commercial operation, but doesn’t see the need to facilitate affordable housing. Mr. Kaneshiro is not representative of the average person of Kaua‘i.

Lest I diverge, I urge the others to revisit our needs versus the needs of resident and absentee commercial business operators with TVRs (transient vacation rentals).

Cowden and DeCosta’s votes surprised me, as I thought they ran with affordable housing as an issue. Am I wrong? Politicians!

Rick Atwell, APRN, Kalaheo

Ban visitor rental cars on parts of the island

On Catalina Island, tourists aren’t allowed to drive a vehicle around the island.

Maybe here on Kaua‘i we could do the same in some locations, such as the North Shore. The tourists should be allowed only to be shuttled in, ride a bicycle, or walk/hike. South Shore could be the same. And, last, the Koke‘e/Waimea Canyon State Park. Tourists should be shuttled/bused up to the lookouts (Canyon, Pu‘uhinahina and Kalalau). If they decide to hike any of the trails in Koke‘e, they should catch a taxi to a drop-off/pickup point.

With what’s mentioned above, we can lessen vehicles on the roads/highways and lessen hazardous drives from tourists parking their vehicles on the side of the road near blind curves and narrow roads.

Kaua‘i is too small of an island to be having tourists clogging up our highways!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele
Source: The Garden Island

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