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Letters for Sunday, October 17, 2021

Grateful for eminent-domain action

Thatʻs one for the people who actually live here and grew up here and canʻt afford to live here because of years of land speculation, short-term rentals and billionaires driving up prices. (The median price of a home on Kaua‘i is now $1.1 million, a price fewer and fewer ordinary people can afford).

Eminent domain refers to the power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use — such as desperately needed affordable housing. Eminent domain includes paying fair-market value for the property, the price to be decided in court, which will include a substantial profit.

I applaud the County Council for exercising the right of eminent domain over 23.5 undeveloped acres in Kilauea owned by a land-speculation company from North Dakota, B&D Properties, which will be given a fair price decided by the courts and will include a substantial profit. For once the public good and affordable housing have been honored in a courageous way by the County Council. Thank you!

Sylvia Partridge, Princeville

Floridian glad Hooser is in Hawai‘i

This is in response to Gary Hooser’s Oct. 13 column.

As someone who has put the uniform on to defend the Constitution, I was compelled to respond.

First, let’s get one thing clear — the same party that screams “my body, my choice” goes silent when people choose a different path. He states he is glad he lives in Hawai‘i. I say he is right. He seems proud that Democratic governors use power they do not have to crush business and bankrupt their states as great work.

I am glad we choose to live in the free state of Florida, where adults can make informed decisions for themselves, where our budget not only is balanced but runs a surplus, where work is plentiful and we believe in true freedom, not the nanny state.

Yes, Gary, thank God you are in Hawai‘i.

Craig Waldvogel, Clearwater, Florida
Source: The Garden Island

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