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Letters for Sunday, September 20, 2020

Abusers with guns is a bad combination

I read something recently that I have to comment on. “Persons charged with domestic abuse can have a gun.”

From what I understand, domestic abusers use fear and violence to try and control a situation. So do you think it’s a good idea to add a gun to the problem?

Fear and violence are the only tools abusers have to use on their wives and children. They need help as much as the families. Why don’t we have them go through anger management and/or parenting classes so they have more tools? Once they complete course or courses, then they can have a gun.

If we don’t do anything to change their patterns, the cycle will continue. And, God forbid, they use the gun in a rage of anger, then the responsibility should fall on the shoulders of our lawmakers.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Open our schools immediately

Aloha Dr. Evslin. I appreciate your well-thought-out criteria described here for each county’s reopening (TGI Forum, Sept. 15, “Opening the island safely”).

While we all acknowledge the potentially-serious physical complications that people with underlying conditions may experience from being infected with this disease, there is very little being discussed about the mental harm associated with the current lockdown, especially for our keiki.

From my perspective, there appears to be very little critical thinking being shared with the public about how kids are being hurt by this forced remote learning.

They need the social and physical nourishment they get from playing and learning at their schools. I must applaud Sheena Leigh Figueira Galbraith for taking the initiative. (TGI local news, Sept. 10, “Kekaha parent petitions in person learning”).

So since you (and many others of us) agree that Kaua‘i HAS met a valid set of criteria for re-opening to residents, I ask you to go public and show support for having our schools opened immediately.

Mahalo for what you do. With support from you and the others in our medical community we can act not from fear and misinformation, but from well-thought-out actions to protect our local citizens – especially our kids.

Randy Wolfshagen, Kekaha

I smell a rat

Is the test for COVID-19 accurate? This is a serious and legitimate question.

Apparently, the test for COVID-19 tests for genetic sequencing only, not the presence of a specific virus identified as COVID-19. Multiple conditions may best test positive for this genetic sequencing, thus skewing the accuracy of the number of COVID-19 cases reported.

The death rate continues to be at or even slightly below the death rate for the regular flu. Why is the response to this illness greatly magnified in its totalitarian scope?

Why has the government implemented harsh measures which negatively impact the freedom and economic survival of millions of people, especially small-business owners? This in the face of the example of less-draconian methods of control implemented by certain other countries.

Unfortunately, the only recourse for those who have been economically harmed by the government, and those who do not wish to have choices made about their health by a one-size-fits-all medical tyranny, is to vote out those who implemented these policies.

At a state and local level the politicians involved have apparently been good guys following directives strictly handed down by those higher up in the chain of command.

Molly Jones, Kealia
Source: The Garden Island

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