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Letters for Thursday, April 14, 2022

Coach O will be missed

Aloha mai kakou.

Just a simple letter to all past members and ‘ohana of Mokihana Swim Club, the passing of Coach Orlando Anaya aka “Coach O” was a surprise to many (the coconut wireless was buzzing Sunday).

He lived swimming 24/7, a coach who was very compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable. He was highly regarded as one of the great swim coaches of Hawai‘i. His name, his legacy, will live for generations here on Kaua‘i and beyond.

In short, everyone in the swimming community will never forget his signature “whistle,” and if whistling was an Olympic event, he was a shoe-in for the gold medal! Kaua‘i was truly blessed to have Coach O, and he will be sorely missed by the entire swimming ‘ohana statewide.

A hui hou, Coach. Rest in peace.

Chucky Boy Chock, Lihu‘e

Homeless kupuna deserve better

Kaua‘i as all America has a growing population of dignified but homeless elders.

I talked to one very elderly Kaua‘i homeless lady who is trying to arrange to return to the mainland, where she could afford rent. Many if not most senior homeless on Kaua‘i don’t have mental health issues or substance abuse problems.

Clearly America has failed to provide decent housing to America’s growing population of senior homeless people.

These people have led decent lives and are now living on the streets and sleeping in bushes. I witnessed a dignified elderly homeless woman removed by the police from a public eating establishment.

Why would the police remove her and not anyone else? Is it because she struggles continuously and walks around Lihu‘e with a backpack and a suitcase on rollers, which marks her as elderly homeless?

Perhaps Kaua‘i should set an example for the USA and solve the problem by rolling out the red carpet and legislating homes for these revered homeless elders?

Will Davis, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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