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Letters for Thursday, April 23, 2020

Headaches come from government, media

Since the mayor sees a continual need to restrict people with his new laws to conform, it seems by the pictures of a protest in Lihu‘e on Saturday the 18th that his laws and fines proposed are a waste of time. All of the protesters had no masks in public and were all deliberately too close for comfort.

Why make laws and restrictions if there is not going to be enforcement of such laws? I think Government and the media are what’s making our lives a big headache. Once again it’s government trying to save us from ourselves with threats that boil down to be nothing more than words of fear mongering with no enforcement. It’s no wonder people don’t comply.

Steve Martin, Wailua

Approach COVID like we do rabies

Hawai‘i is void of the rabies virus. Completely. Our pets don’t need rabies vaccinations unless one moves to the mainland. Bringing a pet to Hawai‘i requires extensive blood work, vaccinations, and a 120-day quarantine. Does anyone really feel violated or have civil liberties dashed because of it?

Not likely. If Hawaii can successfully keep the virus, rabies, from taking root — for decades of time — then surely we can manage some kind of protocol for people coming from the mainland as well. Can’t we? Vaccinations when available, a time line of home-based quarantine? Why not? If we can do that for Fido, surely we can require safety measures for anyone not from here. We have the skill — if we only have the will.

Cheryl Ann Farrell, Koloa

We can get back to normal quickly

In the past 10 days (April 13-22), Kauai has had no new cases of Covid-19. As of Arpil 22, there was only one active case on Kauai.

We are almost completely free of Covid-19. We can now take a different approach. All the rules can now be aimed at keeping the virus from being imported to Kauai. The rest of us can get back to work, school, etc. This approach would be like what we have done regarding rabies for many years. To bring a dog into Hawaii requires tests, paperwork, control, and extra fees. We can now do the same thing with people coming to Kauai.

Everyone would be carefully tested before they come on the island. Arrivals would be allowed if they are tested and show antibodies for Covid-19 at least 14 days before coming. Or, if they have no antibodies, they could come if they are tested for infection on arrival and wait in a secure quarantine hotel until the test results show negative. For additional safety, we could require that they are also tested with negative results for infection before they even get on the airplane.

Certain resorts could be set up to quarantine new arrivals. The visitors waiting for test results would pay for the tests, the resort, their food to be delivered to their door, and maybe also the fees to the County for patrolling the resort. We also may need some kind of safety measures for products being shipped or flown in.

When Kauai is free of the virus, it will be a double paradise. Many will want to come and have long stays here. Kauai could be completely safe and have an economy that is back to normal.

As other Hawaiian Islands become free of Covid-19, they could adopt the same strategy.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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