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Letters for Thursday, January 19, 2023

Etiquette of driving

Aloha. In the big scope of world problems this is very minor issue. It’s almost a little comical.

Speed maximum limit on Kaua‘i is 50 mph. A person driving in front of you wants to go 40 to 45 mph. With a passing lane coming up, you want to go the 50 mph.

When they get to passing lane, the person in front speeds up to 50-55 mph. You think, “Oh good. Going to go the speed limit.” No, just sped up for passing lane. Back to 40-45 mph.

OK, the passing lane for persons who want to go slower than maximum 50 mph, you can move to the right lane and let those that want to go 50 mph pass.

You will not loose face. It’s the etiquette of driving thing to do.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Kuamo‘o Road woes

When will street lights be installed going up Kuamo‘o Road? It is so dangerous with the curves at night.

Another issue is the patched holes along the Kuamo‘o Road. What “recipe” are they using because whenever the potholes are patched there are still deep pukas that our cars are constantly traveling on. If we can have answers to these problems, I would greatly appreciate it.

Fay Hanaoka, Wailua Homesteads
Source: The Garden Island

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