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Letters for Thursday, June 20, 2019

Changes to swim program

Mokihana Aquatics’ legendary “Learn To Swim” program will be completely rescheduled this summer due to a major mechanical failure at the Kauai High School pool where they run their programs.

Mokihana Aquatics would first like to thank the Kauai High School administration, the Kauai district Department of Education, and the state Department of Accounting and General Services for expediting repairs, knowing that summer is the time that Mokihana Aquatics has the biggest and best program on Kauai.

Mokihana Aquatics has been informed that they may be able to start back on June 24 and were given a couple of extra weeks to try to accommodate all their loyal ohana, some of whom have been coming to learn to swim for generations and/or decades.

To be able to reschedule the same quality program that people have continued to know takes planning and quality staffing. Mokihana Aquatics is trying to put together that program and should have one before this weekend, but first need to confirm staffing.

Orlando Anaya, Swim coach

Cowden needs to read Mueller report

I have one question. Has Ms. Cowden read the Mueller report? I have. Page one of volume one states:

“The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” This is detailed in the next 150 pages. And the attack on our democracy is ongoing. It was present in the 2018 elections and the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that Russia is ratcheting up its efforts to attack the 2020 elections by bolstering Donald Trump and sowing division among Democrats. The doesn’t even begin to cover the rest of Russia’s malfeasance — how they’re attacking our power grid and nuclear facilities digitally, how they affected the Brexit vote and are attacking all of the elections of our European allies.

Even a basic Google search on Russian active measures — covered extensively in the free press the past three years — shows that the trip Ms. Cowden went on is exactly the type of trip that one of our greatest adversaries uses to gain sway over U.S. officials. They’re invited to fancy events, engaged in discussions about our “mutual interests,” and shown very sterile tours of areas of the country that show the Russian federation in the greatest light.

Before giving us more good PR pieces on Russia, I’d hope that Ms. Cowden would at least read volume one of the Mueller report.

Jason Blake, Insurance agent and author, Lihue
Source: The Garden Island

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