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Letters for Thursday, March 18, 2021

Find out if dental hygienist is vaccinated

Recognizing the importance of protecting patients and risks involved, health-care workers were identified as some of the very first individuals who were to be vaccinated.

A recent visit to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning revealed that, by choice, the hygienist had not received a COVID vaccination, yet continued to treat patients.

The Hawai‘i Dental Association suggests (in a private communication) that, prior to visiting the dentist, each patient engage in a conversation with their health-care provider regarding whether or not your hygienist has received COVID vaccination. Wouldn’t you like to know if the person working within inches of your mouth is protected to the fullest extent and thus is protecting you to the fullest extent?

Michael Diamant, Koloa

Always two sides to the story

Two years ago the island of Kaua‘i welcomed its new chief of police, Todd Raybuck.

I invited him to the sold-out Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

It was a great opportunity for him to meet the community and the community to meet him. He was an instant hit! As we sat for lunch, I of course asked a lot of questions.

Raybuck joined the military at the age of 18 in 1987 and was stationed at Wheeler Army and Air Force base. That base is next to my hometown of Wahiawa. Instant dond. He learned the customs, culture, dos and don’ts from the local braddah’s.

Raybuck retired after 27 years as a police captain in Vegas. Imagine being selected as the new chief of police on Kaua‘i. Imagine that process. The best was chosen. To the individual(s) who was in those meetings, I humbly support you, too. I too am a proud Asian.

Somehow, I think he was not being on the level of the chief, but was trying to be an equal and being humorous. There’s always two sides to the story. Let’s please hear from the chief!

The department has had a history of pilikia with chiefs, deputy chiefs and the rank and file. Unity, not lawsuits. I do not believe we want to find a new chief for a long, long process. BTW, who would want the job?

My last episode of “Wala‘au” after 25 years featured Raybuck. I wanted our community to support the men and women of the department, our chief, and the continued safety and security of all of Kaua‘i!

Dickie Chang, Puhi

Give Raybuck another chance

We met Chief Raybuck shortly after his arrival, when he was making visits around the island.

We were impressed then with the goals he shared for the department, and over the past two years have been very pleased with the overall improvements of the force.

Did he make an error in judgment regarding his recent inappropriate comments? Yes, he did, but his contributions to our island hopefully will outweigh his actions. He’s admitted his mistakes. So now let’s forgive and move on with the many challenges that we are all facing with both COVID-19 and our problems on the North Shore. Let’s bring a little aloha into this situation.

Ben Gillikin, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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