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Letters for Thursday, March 19, 2020

Reading books at home a silver lining in COVID-19 cloud

What a great opportunity these troubled times are for education at home! Every family should go to the library and get as many books as possible and hunker down at home to read together. You could read books alone, and every evening you could read as a family. Pick a book packed with adventure, a classic such as “A Tale of Two Cities” or “The Wind in the Willows.” Each family member could read a chapter out loud every night, so everyone’s speaking skills as well as reading skills get lots of practice. Libraries could put book exchanges outside so everyone could participate.

I grew up in the ‘60s on the tip of Cape Cod with no neighbors, no television and long winters. It was in those years my love of books began. So many adventures waiting to be discovered. And so much teaching and learning would be done. A silver lining on the cloud of COVID-19.

Jeannette Kinzer, Waimea

Trump should have gotten WHO virus test kits

Why did Trump not use the World Health Organization COVID-19 tests (from Germany) that all of the rest of the world has been using? Why did Trump insist that we use a U.S. Big Pharma test and have a delay of a more than a month on testing, while South Korea was doing 10,000 tests a day? This test delay has caused us a lack of information and a lack of response to a serious world-health threat. And why is no one asking about this?

Kathleen Johnson, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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