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Letters for Thursday, March 4, 2021

The ADC needs support, not slashing

Aloha. This is in regard to the most recent front page article regarding a bill to end a state agency.

My and most peoples first priority is food then shelter and then transportation. 1% to 2% people of the U.S. population farm. Why is it I am asking such a critical cog such as the ADC is on the verge of being doomed. Reasons to end it are not good enough. My family has farmed 100’s of years in the Philippines and Hawaii. Without the guidance at the outset would only be a setback to those new farmers itching to get started. You would think “All Hands On Deck” for a skimpy but much needed production.

These troubleing times aren’t necessarily due to sickness and strife for farmers or is it? State of Hawaii and Federal and County funds should be ramped up for Hawaii’s locale isn’t exactly ideal as far a worldwide distribution to here. The ADC is doing the best and needs moral support if it is to remain the assistant to many farmers.

Feed yourselves well but admit you need help! It is enforceable….

Modesto Rabina Jr., Lihu‘e

Find something else to do

Yes. Businesses that depend on tourists are in trouble and some may need to find something else to do.

Businesses expanded to fit the need of 25,000 or more tourists per day. But 25,000 tourist per day proved more than our island can healthily handle. The island has needed the hiatus caused by Covid in order to heal. Hopefully it will never have to endure these hordes of tourists again.

So, some of the businesses need to find some other purpose in life. Look around, there is lots of work needed to be done on this island.

The service industry regularly advertises for sales people, drivers, cleaners, and home-aides. More people are needed to work on farms, to lease plots of land on which to grow food, and to ready these products for market. Persons are needed to train as nurses, accountants, electricians, plumbers, contractors, schedulers, and even handymen. INDEED regularly sends out ads for workers. Instead of limited scheduling of road maintenance, more crews could be developed to relieve us of our potholes, broken roads, and over growing vegetation.

For those who wish to remain businessmen, proprietors could develop alternate businesses such as movie-making, sewing, lumbering, recycling, exporting, training, and tutoring. Our island needs these additional industries.

When America sent her people to live here, to buy land, and to do good, why didn’t she provide us with some of the American ingenuity as well. Bringing the tourists back in large numbers will not really solve our problems; it’ll just create different ones.

Marjorie Gifford, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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