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Letters for Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bright lights make road unsafe

Vehicle with bright lights, and lifted trucks with bright lights makes it hard for an oncoming vehicle drivers to see the line of travel. These vehicles and lifted truck light shine right into the eyes on oncoming vehicle drivers. It’s like they are driving with high beam.

And it’s no better when they are behind a vehicle or at an intersection where it exits at shopping center such as the ‘Ele‘ele Shopping Center near the pedestrian bridge.

My point is that these bright lights on a vehicle or truck should be banned. Whoever is making the lights should stop making it and stop selling it on the market.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Hanalei Pier facilities are woefully lacking

The beach park at Hanalei Pier (Black Pot) is full to capacity almost every day with tourists and locals flocking to surf and swim.

Unfortunately the new bathroom system has never been opened and rumors are that there is some kind of issue with it. So tourists and locals have to rely on porta potties! There are two handicapped units that have a broken door latch making it impossible to use them unless someone holds the door shut from the outside.

Another issue is that although hundreds of people are using the park, the renovation of Black Pot after the devastating floods in 2018, only included one shower! Can the county please add another shower as people are often lined up for the one unit with kids, surfboards in tow?

The Hanalei pavilion is a much smaller park and yet there are two showers there. It just seems like poor planning to not provide more showers since it is the largest park on Hanalei Bay. Several months ago, someone removed all of the roofing from the Hanalei Pavilion so when it rains, there is no protection from the elements. Also I would think that the roof decking itself will rot without the shingles to protect it. If the county could install sink handles that automatically shut off the water after a minute or so would stop the wasting of water.

Everytime I use that facility, someone has left the faucet running wide open. Also the toilets are old and most of the time, I correct one of them from running because the fixtures are not working properly. The new facilities at Ke‘e are wonderful and especially the walk through the trees to the beach. When it was first opened and repaired, the shower at Ke‘e was powerful with great water pressure. Recently after a hike to Hanakapiai, I took a shower and there was almost no water pressure.

A worker at the park told me after the flood, they reduced the size of the pipe.

Why in the world did they do that? The water comes out in a trickle making it next to impossible to get off the stubborn Kee sand particles. Why not restore water pressure there as well?

I hope somebody gets on this and fixes these issues.

Michaelle Edwards, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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