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Letters for Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Downs, Netzer are Kaua‘i treasures

I only experienced their professional and personal friendship for a fraction of the time they served the Kaua‘i community. Drs. Downs and Netzer are truly Kaua‘i treasures.

Michael Diamant, MD, Santa Barbara, California

Wind turbines kill birds

Wind energy company kills 150 eagles in U.S. (TGI April, 7, 2022)

A wind turbine company is allowed a quota to kill Hawaiian birds at Mala‘aea, Maui.

Wind turbines are not as efficient as solar panels to generate electricity.

Wind turbines are ugly, kill birds, make noise, require a lot of maintenance and should be banned because killing birds is cruel, unkind and incompassionate.

Stop killing the nene goose and Hawaiian birds by wind turbines on Maui.

Life is sacred.

“Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.”

“The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness” – Hawaiian proverb and state motto.

Money, profit is not the bottom line. The bottom line is aloha!

Kawika Makai, Kekaha

California student seeks Hawai‘i information

Dear people of the great state of Hawai‘i;

Greetings! My name is Esmeralda Cervantes Zambrano and I am a fifth-grade student at Salida Elementary School in Salida, California. We live in the central valley, located east of San Francisco. This year we are each going to complete a state project. I picked Hawai‘i.

I am asking for any and all information about your great state to be sent to me. If you would, please send me any postcards, articles, maps, pictures, pins, pencils, stickers or pamphlets from Hawai‘i.

My school address is:

Esmeralda Cervantes Zambrano

C/O Ms. Montgomery’s fifth-grade class

Salida Elementary School

4519 Finney Road

Salida, California 95368

I really appreciate your help in making my project a success! I am lucky to have and learn about an awesome state like Hawai‘i.

Esmeralda Cervantes Zambrano, Salida, California
Source: The Garden Island

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