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Letters for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Negative proof should be required

Today’s paper explained the two new cases of people arriving with positive tests.

Can that be right? They boarded a flight to Lihue with proof of a positive test? They were permitted to board? And then let out of our terminal on arrival. Can’t this be corrected?

My understanding was that you had to have Proof of a negative test within 3 days of flying.

What happened? We would have had zero cases yesterday except for this breakdown. How many cases like this contributed to the increase in case load that forced the mayor’s hand?

Jack Mitchell, Princeville

Single test not effective

Gov Ige,

By approving Mayor Kawakami’s request to opt out of your ill-fated Safe Travels Program, are you (and Dr. Green) intentionally subjecting our businesses to hardship as a penalty for not approving our mayor’s request for a two test program for traveler arrivals?

A second test, 4 days after arrival, makes much more sense, is much more effective in screening for COVID-19 than only one test prior to boarding, and does not subject Kaua‘i’s economy to this hardship.

What is your problem? Dr. Green’s claim of the effectiveness of the single test is astounding! Stop drinking his CoolAid!

William Hackett, Kalaheo

Second Class Citizens of Hawaii, not just Kekaha

Don’t you think this COVID thing is reason enough for ALL OF KAUA‘I to finally get home delivery of mail ????

Instead of having to daily risk our lives by leaving our homes to drive to the Post Office (because walking has become difficult) Or, think especially, of all of our senior citizens who can’t afford the gas to drive to the Post Office, if they could afford the cars to put the gas in. I try to do my share helping others, but I wonder where I’ll be in ten or even fifteen years when I’m one of those seniors. I laugh because I plan to live to be 110 years old so I have 30 years to go.

I am one of the still living human beings on Kaua‘i who was at that last/ONLY 1960-something Kekaha meeting – where I asked if the new Post Office that was in the process of being built, would be able to handle home delivery of mail.

The obvious answer was NO. They already had their minds made up. …But, that 1960-something meeting democratically allowed us, the residents of Kekaha, to vote — Democratically, AFTER- the plantation workers were told, “If you get home delivery of mail your pay checks will have to be processed so they won’t get there until a day later.” (In contract negotiations they were also told they had lifetime housing and medical…

It infuriates me they were able to “buy” their homes for thousands of dollars more than they could possibly have saved from their piddling income, and many years after the plantations closed they also had no choice but to accept a few thousand dollars to compensate for the rest-of-their-lifetime inflated medical needs that went away, too.

Maybe now we can convince our politicians to push the Post Office to hire a few more carriers and start delivering the mail so we won’t still be second class citizens when we die…. from COVID?

Sandra Makuaole, Kekaha
Source: The Garden Island

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