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Letters for Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Questions remain on internet outage

I have to say I’m very disappointed in the newspaper’s coverage concerning the internet outage of a few weeks ago. There has still been no explanation of what happened to cause the outage. Here we are at the end of November, and apparently no one knows how the undersea cable was severed. Even if this information is not being made available to the public, the issue should have been addressed in today’s article (TGI, Nov. 29).

Robert Fitzpatrick, Lihue

What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower to a child is someone blowing a whistle. It could be a clown, a policeman, a referee, or a lifeguard doing their jobs.

While Bill Clinton might consider Monica Lewinsky a whistleblower. The rest of society refers to a whistleblower as a narc, a rat or somebody who tattletales.

I was walking my dog on the beach the other day and out of nowhere somebody I don’t even know comes up to me and recognized me as a frequent opinion writer in The Garden Island news. They wanted to talk politics and usually, when I am walking I am not in the mood. This person wanted to know who I thought the whistleblower was in the Trump/Ukraine phone call controversy that leads to the current impeachment proceedings.

I pointed to the lifeguard tower and sure enough, the whistle hanging on the string was in seconds on the lips of the lifeguard, the person who gets paid to save lives.

I said that person is a whistleblower.

Every talk show, every comedian, almost every major conversation amongst adults is about Donald J. Trump.

The Mueller report and Russian collusion, Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen all tried to bring down the president.

The witch hunt is now carrying on with the impeachment witch trial hearings of 2019 where Republicans shall not call any witnesses, shall not speak without saying, ‘pretty please with sugar on top,’ and no restroom breaks. (I was being sarcastic to make a point).

The irony is, who really is at fault about Ukraine, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, or Donald Trump? Should Trump be impeached since he did not ask Ukraine to “dig up dirt,” but rather asked the Ukraine to investigate a crime Biden admitted to on video, quid pro quo or witch hunt?

Trump, Trump, Trump, everywhere, good bad or ugly, it all means votes! I believe the impeachment witch hunt in a subliminal way will make Trump even more popular than he is now!

I agree with the president when he calls himself a stable genius. Who else but Donald Trump could make impeachment proceedings lead to more votes and a second term. I believe he’s not only a stable genius and 10 chess moves ahead of everybody. Someday society will wonder why this president was given such a hard time from day one in office and history will recognize Donald J. Trump as one of the greatest presidents ever.

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa
Source: The Garden Island

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