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Letters for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fix the lot before it’s too late

Mahalo to Michael D. and Linda B. for their letters about the abysmal state of the Kalapaki parking lot. Many of us who use the area regularly have been fruitlessly writing letters of complaint about this situation for years.

Not only does the lot’s lunar landscape pose a hazard to vehicles like the truck that broke an axle there a couple of weeks ago, but pedestrians threading their way through the potholed pavement risk sprained ankles or worse.

It seems that neither the county nor the state will do anything to fix the mess. Why? Are they hoping that sea level rise will eventually swallow up the place and problem? If the problem is expense, perhaps a local non-profit could take up a collection from Kalapaki regulars to fund repairs. I for one would gladly contribute.

Speaking of expense, consider that a lawsuit from someone injured by a fall into one of the potholes could cost far more than the repair job. At some point in the future, we shall probably again have tourists walking through the parking lot. If the powers that be do not care about the safety of local folks, maybe the possibility of being sued by a visitor or tour company will impel them to take action.

Should the recent letters prove no more successful than their predecessors at rousing the recalcitrant authorities, maybe the solution will be a sneak attack by balaclava wearing citizens bearing buckets of asphalt and gravel, or the hijacking of a road repair truck some dark night. Let’s hope it does not come to that.

H. M. Wyeth, Anahola

Pandemic and general chaos pop quiz #7

Since the terrible attack on the capitol

1. I feel really bad because people died.

2. I am hiding under the bed, way too much chaos for me.

3. I am eating sticky buns.

4. I am hiding under the bed, eating sticky buns.

5. all of the above.

I think Donald Trump

1. has done many good things for the USA, but his negative influence on the events at the capitol are going way too far.

2. Is a total 100% idiot, with no exceptions. He should be removed from office as soon as possible.

3. We need to pull together as a nation; punishing Trump won’t help that.

4. has been a great president.

5. too much chaos for me, where are the sticky buns?

The COVID-19 vaccination program

1. Is a great thing, since it will end the pandemic. The facts about the positive effects of vaccinations are clear.

2. There is a possibility of long-term negative effects of this vaccination program, we don’t know yet.

3. Anyone who is against this program is a total idiot.

4. Anyone who ignores evidence against vaccines is a bozo since there is evidence of serious negative effects in children.

5. I think people should be able to decide for themselves what to do regarding vaccinations.

6. Is a plot to terrify and manipulate millions of people.

7. I put those sticky buns somewhere, where are they?

If someone doesn’t agree with my point of view

1. I think they should be silenced.

2. I think they should be punished.

3. The best thing would be an attitude of cooperation and allow for individual choice.

4. Oh good, I found them. I am eating all 12 of them.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

1. Is currently training for the Ironman.

2. Has bulked up significantly since he increased his training schedule.

3. He looks like a favorite to win the next Ironman competition.

4. Here you go again teasing Dr. Fauci. I hope he has a good sense of humor.

5. I feel weird. Ate way too many of those sticky buns.

We are heading towards

1. Martial law and loss of individual freedoms.

2. The end of the pandemic and a peaceful and prosperous future.

3. The total undermining of the Constitution.

4. China taking over everything.

5. Native Americans taking back their country.

6. No more sticky buns for me, ever.

Here are the correct answers: Last one for each question, obviously.

Molly Jones, Kealia
Source: The Garden Island

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