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Letters for Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Consider new faces this election

By the time this letter gets published, the primary would be close by or just around the corner. It is a good sight to observe new names and faces vying for the council and the state seats. We could assume that the newcomers feel that our present council people and state reps have been in offices too long, and have become too complacent and too lazy. They have done very little to almost nothing all those years and times in office, and they have all become too stale as well.

The new people feel that with their new crystal ball and their new ideas, if elected, they could better serve the people of Kaua‘i.

Remember those promises all of the councilmen and state people said when they campaign for their seats? Yes. All those promises, and nothing, once in office. They promised to battle the issues we still are faced with, now and in the past. They’ve showed no signs of improvements. The homelessness, the drugs problem, the housing situation that only the rich and Realtors benefit by it, the traffic, roads, and many more unmentioned critical issues are problems we have and must be looked into.

So what would be the solutions in combating these issues? Well, whether you agree or disagree, believe me or not, I’d say remove all of them out of office — Nakamura, Morikawa, Tokioka and Kouchi, and by voting them out. Replace them. The newcomers probably have fresher and newer ideas. Not the lame and unproductive things they’ve done so far. The new elected people would be so gung-ho, they’ll work their behinds off to work for Kaua‘i’s people.

The incumbents are there now only to gather enough years of services for retirement, and reap all those wonderful, the best, and the greatest benefits that all government workers receive when retired. In the meantime they are simply just biding their time. Do you really believe they are there to help us? No. Kick them out, I say again.

This is your chance to do something, and if they are still there when the general is over, you are to be blamed. Kick them out, and vote them out.

But, don’t forget drug testing.

Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e

One World Order is openly in the news

Here is the creepy One World Order agenda:

• Weaken the USA and other democratic countries. Witness the open southern border, woke agenda, pro-China policies;

• Weaken the family;

• Work towards cashless, totalitarian, world government. No individual nation states;

• Work toward microchipped, trackable population;

• Series of pandemics. Here comes monkeypox.

Here is who wants a One World Order:

• Elite class;

• Psychopathic;

• Wealthy;

• Hidden;

• Evil;

• Powerful.

Luckily, many Americans are not going to put up with this nonsense, once they recognize it. Americans are used to a level of freedom and will push back.

Molly Jones, Kealia
Source: The Garden Island

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