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Letters for Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sadly Kaua‘i continues on with it’s poor planning

It does not matter whether it’s a new resort, a new housing development of 769 residences, or 17 homes through Habitat for Humanity. Without widening the tiny highway along the East Side including through Kapa‘a town, no further construction for multiple units and multiple humans should be permitted.

Habitat should look elsewhere. Preferably Lihue or further West. Kapa‘a just cannot handle another project, big or small. If something like this were to be developed further north it would amount to the same thing, vehicular traffic trying to navigate, and get through, a gridlocked Kapa‘a.

Why wasn’t Habitat given a definitive NO for any project in over built Kapa‘a? Is there anyone in charge? Apparently not. That’s exactly how we got to this point. It’s ridiculous.

Paulo Tambolo, Wailua Homesteads

No scientific evidence

I nearly choked on my guava juice when I read this bizarre rant by Lavena Lomma and Danny Hashimoto. This opinion is full of dangerous misinformation which is going to get people killed. They claim, for example, that a steroid drug, Ivermectin is “100% effective against covid.” There is no scientific evidence whatsoever for this claim. There was a study of this steroid and the drug hydroxychloroquine. completed in December 2020 in Egypt which has not released any results. [see] The opinion states that “This insanity must stop.” I fully agree: It is insane to publishing dangerous misinformation that will get people killed.

Scott F. Kauffman, San Francisco, California

Letter a disservice

I am so saddened and angered that you would publish today’s opinion “Group requests public meeting with Kawakami, Berreman” that is overflowing with untruths and misinformation. What a coincidence that the Surgeon General of the USA, just this morning, appeared on national television and pleaded with the nation to STOP promoting this type of misleading and erroneous news.

This article couldn’t have been published at a worse time with our island experiencing record COVID-19 cases among UNVACCINATED residents.

I understand the value of freedom of speech, but this should have been prefaced with a warning of unfounded claims and downright lies! You have done a disservice to all our community and especially those working so hard to contain this pandemic.

Luane McGowan, Princeville

Beware of misinformation

The Surgeon General called COVID misinformation an “urgent threat to public health.”

Candy McCaslin, Lawai
Source: The Garden Island

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