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Letters for Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Evslin’s right on point

Dr. Lee Evslin, MD had the best advise: no hand shakes, no hugging, and 3 to 6 feet between people when talking, to slow the spread of Covid-19.

What about stopping flights from Washington state and New York state to Hawaii, in the same way we stop flights from China and Italy to the USA?

Later when testing is organized there can be screening at airports for Covid-19 and then airflights could resume.

Will M. Davis, Lihue

Make visitors declare their travel history to prevent COVID-19

We now have 2 visitors on Kauai, diagnosed with the Coronavirus, who arrived in Hawaii without proper screening. You have stated that airport screening is ineffective, but without trying it. It has been claimed that we don’t have the resources. However, all airport arrivals are required to fill out a form from the Visitors Bureau, which could easily adapted to include the following questions: (1) Where have you traveled in the last 6 months? (2) Have you had contact with anyone infected with the Coronavirus? (3) Are you exhibiting any flulike symptoms?

It doesn’t require a genius to figure out how to establish and implement this adaptation. This is certainly more important to the health and safety in Hawaii than whether airport arrivals are bringing in illegal pets, plants, etc. Please take action on this. The health and safety in Hawaii depends on your actions, not excuses.

William Hackett, Wailua
Source: The Garden Island

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