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Letters for Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Person limit should be reflected in building size

I fully understand the need for social distancing and appreciate the risks that grocery stores and their employees are taking by keeping open as an essential service for the public. What I don’t understand is the consistent 50 person limit in stores as big as Costco and as small as Waimea Big Save. Shouldn’t there be a square foot to person ratio?

Lulu Pak, Kalaheo

KCCC needs COVID-19 Protocols

Esteemed Council Members,

Please take a moment to think about the safety of our Ohana living in KCCC. Are there any NEW protocols in place to protect their health from COVID 19? The very overcrowded conditions would make the 6 foot restrictions all the rest of us are being asked to employ almost impossible. These are not “throw away people” they are our families and friends. Please share with me any information about the people imprisoned at KCCC as soon as there is information available. Family members of those inside are not able to hear from their relations. This is frightening for those inside and those waiting for family to return home. Please help in any way you can. Mahalo.


Jo Amsterdam, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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