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Letters for Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I want a haircut

Let barbers and stylists reopen. In their training they learn the importance of sanitation and adding on the use of masks and gloves would be an easy fit. Of course clients would wear masks also. Clients are usually by appointment, so it would be easy to keep the numbers small and the spacing safe.

Reopen, I want a haircut.

Mark Perry, Lihue

My Two Cents

The totalitarian response to covid was understandable in the beginning when nobody knew much about this virus. Now, a few months later not so much. Whether you think this was bioengineered in Wuhan or came from bat soup doesnt really matter. What matters is the solution, if there is one. We will see in a few months when death rates in Sweden are calculated whether or not the draconian measures by governments worldwide were effective or a useless fear mongering social experiment.

Is “herd immunity” as advocated by some reputable epidemiologists the solution? Nobody seems to know whether exposure creates immunity or, if so, how long it lasts. What we do know is that the vast number of folks who test poitive dont die from this virus. From what I’m reading the tests are not reliable with a high percentage of false negatives. So without accurate testing whats the point of testing everyone? Masks? I dont like breathing in my own carbon dioxide nor being required to wear one in public especially on a plane. Vacinations? It’s pretty well established that these viruses mutate rapidly so a vacination may or may not work. Personally, never had a flu shot and never will. Equally problematic is the censorship on social media of anyone who has an opposing view to WHO or CDC. Censoring free speech? Really? This is scary. I hope when tallying the box score the increased suicides, child abuse,etc from worldwide lockdowns are included in the total. Not to mention the 400k folks who die from mistakes in hospitals or 500k from cigarettes or 100 k or so from alcohol.

On a more positive note the lack of traffic has been wonderful and it’s long overdue for the council to limit the number of cars on this island, something that has worked well in other places such as Burmuda and is a growing trend worldwide. Also long overdue is a serious effort to diversify our economy. The most obvious solutions are agriculture and rebuilding our infrastruture. Hemp for food and fiber could create plenty of jobs on westside and remediate the soil poisoned by Syngenta and others. The entire country of Bhutan has gone organic. Why not here? Kauai used to export oranges to mainland. Why not do it again but organically along with other crops? You get the point. But I guess Grove farms will have to be convinced of this as they seem to run the show here.

Every unemployed able bodied person could be immediately put to work here and nationwide fixing our dilapidated roads and bridges. It seems more wise to me to stop handing out trillons and put folks to work helping both them and the government tax coffers. I wrote a letter awhile back to the editor which was not printed but got a response that said “moderate your views”. Really? Are these words and ideas so radical they cannot be accepted in this new normal? That is really scary!. But, those who control the media control the lies.

Michael Wells, Moloaa
Source: The Garden Island

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