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Letters for Tuesday, May 21, 2019

There is an easier way

I have lived Kauai for 30 years. I am originally from Southern Oregon. I remember, before I moved to Kauai, that we had a deposit on cans, glass etc. Every time I went into a grocery store I had a bag of empty used cans/bottles. A young boy would greet us, take the bag and count the empty cans, etc. Then we would receive a “credit slip” from the store, to use on paying for our groceries.

It was a perfect system. I think it has been changed some what now, but we paid for the deposit at purchase time then we would get reimbursed, our deposit when we returned them. Very convenient. And we didn’t have to drive for miles to get reimbursed.

Judy L. Webb, Kauai

Decision on Kauai Springs was wrong

Regarding the County Planning Commission’s decision to deny Kauai Springs permits to continue operation.

How is the daily loss of some 300,000 gallons of potable water serving the “public trust”? How does forcing the closure of a small business enterprise providing this otherwise unused, renewable resource to the public serve the public trust? How does the de facto creation of a monopoly for such an enterprise serve the public trust?

Please tell us there are other reasons involved in making this wrong-headed decision other than hiding behind the “public trust” mantra as insanely reiterated by commissioners Streufert and Ahuna.

On further evaluation, perhaps the commission will see the wisdom in removing these onerous sanctions against Kauai Springs. It will take humility and courage to acknowledge their inappropriate and improper decision. It will be inconvenient. It is the appropriate course of action.

Let us hope the commissioners will demonstrate their wisdom, humility and courage by reversing this unfortunate decision, thereby truly serving the “public trust” and allowing Kauai Springs to reopen and continue to serve the people of Kauai.

Dr. Robert and Celene Long, Lihue
Source: The Garden Island

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