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Letters for Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Take-a-number would serve all

We here on Kauai go thru many stress with the Covid 19 rules. Also, going to a store,etc. is stressful. Especially standing in lines to enter the store to shop. But I would guess that is all part of our new life here on Kauai (actually all over the world) with this pandemic (Covid-19).

Then to add salt to the wound, we have to go online to make an appointment with the DMV & Driver license to get them(dr.lic. & veh. regist.) renewed. Some are computer illiterate, including myself. Then we have to take another day to actually get it done. All of this takes time from our busy schedule. Why can’t the departments(DMV&Dr.Lic.)since it’s protected by glass (well, DMV section isn’t. But could be easily installed with plaxiglass at each teller). place the number machine outside the door? And everyone could take a number, wait outside until their number is called.A worker can be the DMV and Driver License crier and call out the number(s). Could let 10 people each for both department in and keep social distance.

Hopefully Mayor Kawakami read this letter and put what I suggest above in action,

Howard Tolbe, Eleele

Small business COVID-19 victims

I love the island of Kauai. We have been coming to the islands on and off for 40 years. I have been reading all the news about restrictions, quarantines, etc. I think we have been forgetting to ask one crucial question. Who benefits the most from the economy being shut down after the curve is flattened and small businesses go under? Who benefits the most from small businesses closing? Are there investors waiting like vultures trying to snatch a cheap meal? Walmart is still open and so is Costco. Do they benefit from the local small market going out of business?


Marcy Ross, Louisiana
Source: The Garden Island

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