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Letters for Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Target Trump, not Kawakami

There is a path out of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s extensive testing with contact tracing, and isolation of those infected. This path could get us out of the pandemic much sooner than if we open up prematurely and allow a second wave to crash on us. Unfortunately states’ revenues are also crashed, and the states cannot print their own money.

So the funding for these tests and tracings can only be come from the federal government. Those who want to end this crisis and get our lives and economy back to normal should be demonstrating against the recalcitrance of Donald Trump, not against our mayor.

John Patt, Kolo

The Pandemic Today on Kaua’i Compared to the 1940s WWII Era

The Pandemic today holds many similarities to the shortages and challenges during the 1940s WWII era here on Kaua’i. Maybe because we live on a small island of good people that contribute, share, and work together I am seeing a different result than what is being seen in large communities of the US. I see our future as they did during that time: “There was a real sense of ‘we’re all in this together,”. During that time, communities were small and had the ability to make a change and so do we. We also have a Mayor that is promoting this attitude and encouraging change moving forward.

I believe, we on Kauai are reacting similarly to this historical event. I see “Victory” gardens and fishing occurring more than ever before. Families are once again spending time with their children while they abide by the need to stay in place. Parents and Grandparents are taking more time to educate their children and themselves in cooking, gathering, and traditional practices. Everyone is being more selective with grocery purchases and non-essential shopping, in reaction to late or non-existent UI so they are “making do with less” while following the need to avoid traveling.

Decline of meat production? Just another step in the journey, as Kaua’i can take advantage of our hurricane stash of chickens. We just need to start fattening up our yard-art with grain in preparation :). During this era, they also found that when food is limited it promoted healthier diets and I see this occurring here. The result will hopefully also increase our ability to fight this illness.

We will not only get through this, we will thrive! Just as Iniki brought family and neighbors together again, just as WWII cherished creativity and “Fighting the Good Fight”, this too will bring solidarity to our community.

But, most important of all, just like our parents (or our grandparents) made changes “back in the day” we can also plan during this time. This period can enable us to envision and implement a plan to be active with our island government and tourism authority to work toward a better life for our island people moving forward. “The second world war caused unprecedented hardship, but it also accelerated change”. I see change occurring a very tiny bit so far here on Kaua’i; people are discussing it, so at least the door is open.

Thank goodness we are not rationing!

Dawn Gant Wooten, Lihue
Source: The Garden Island

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