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Letters for Tuesday, November 1, 2021

Bring back the payphones

Why aren’t there any payphones and booths around the island? Not everyone has a cell phone! Payphones are still needed around the island.

Bring back the payphones and booths!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

More aloha ambassadors needed

My wife and I have only been residents of Kaua‘i for one and a half years. We decided on Kaua‘i because the feeling of aloha radiates from the ground up, no other place we’ve ever been made us feel this way.

I have noticed in the time we’ve lived here a man that jogs along the highway here on the South Side numerous times. Every time we pass him, he’s waving at everyone giving shakas to passers-by with a big smile on his face. Makes you feel wonderful when you’re passing him. Learned he jogs from Waimea to Lihu‘e all the time.

Would love to learn more about him. Definitely a wonderful ambassador of aloha.

Dave Cox, Koloa

Home builder feels concessions have been made

My wife Linda and myself have lived on Kaua‘i for 17 years. We had an active 45-acre certified organic ginger and turmeric farm and employed many local people for fifteen years.

We are now retired and planned our permanent home in the long-established county-approved subdivision of “Seacliff Plantation.”

Our “Building Setback Line” on our Lot (where we are able to build) had been established by the county many years ago. The “Building Setback Line” is on the lower 40% of our lot and we cannot build above that line. We have a limited area in which to build our home. We have met with Mehana Blaich Vaughan and some of her group ((Na Kia‘i o Nihoku) on our homesite. We have agreed to move the home downward and eastward, reduce the roof pitch and reduce the pool size. Our main house is 4,500 sq.ft. composed of 8” CMU block, faced with 8” of rock. The total interior space is actually around 3,800 sq.ft. This is in the scale of other homes in the subdivision.

Currently, there is one home built and another permitted on the same side of Nihoku as our proposed home. We have not reached an agreement with Mehana’s group as their demands change and grow.

This is to be our home, in an approved subdivision lot that will not impact access to or use of Nihoku/Crater Hill. Mehana and her group currently have access via U.S. Fish & Wildlife. The protection of cultural practices does not extend to recent practices outside the development area and were never intended to be used to deny development rights.

Philip and Linda Green, Kilauea
Source: The Garden Island

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