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Letters for Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A couple of things

I just read all of the letters today and would like to address a few things.

First of all I want to say Gary Hoosier is far from being a radical communist as stated by one person. I have known him for over fifteen years and find him to be a kind family man who is concerned about the environment, health and welfare of the population of Kauai. His views inspire a hopeful future for the young people who will continue living after we older people have passed on from this earth.

About the fraudulent voting letter: I received one ballot in the mail for the primary and for the general election. I made my choices and voted. I went to the drop off box by the county building in Lihue about two weeks ago to vote in the general election. Everyone who is registered to vote is on record with the County of Kauai. It is routine basic stuff. Each ballot received is just cross referenced with the voting registration file. One man one vote, not at all complicated.

Chester Mazurowski, Kapaa

Spectacular failure

Donald Trump is now telling crowds at his mask-free, super spreader rallies that American doctors are fabricating deaths from COVID-19 to earn more money. The fact that Mr. Trump is lying about this is not a surprise, since he lies about everything, always. But improperly projecting his flamboyant corruption onto people who have sacrificed their own safety and (in some cases) lives to save people – including Trump’s – seemed below our sociopathic, incompetent, imbecile president. The sad fact is that no lie is below him, since there is apparently no lie too ridiculous for his followers to believe.

Trump’s spectacular failure as president – particularly in the control of the pandemic – should also not be a surprise to anyone. Nearly every business he touched was driven into collapse or bankruptcy. But his many failures in business didn’t result in mass casualty events. By the time Trump is removed from the white house on January 20th, more than 300,000 Americans will be dead from COVID-19. Trump’s enablers and sycophants are attempting to deflect that gruesome fact by lying about how COVID-19 deaths are categorized. But to be fair to his supporters, all they have left is lying.

Worst president ever. He cannot be out of office soon enough.

Kurt Last, Anahola
Source: The Garden Island

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