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Letters for Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Skate parks are for skating; show aloha

On Sunday, Oct. 3 around noontime,I took my kids to Lihu‘e to the skatepark to enjoy a couple hours there.

When we got to the park, my kids couldn’t even get out of the car. There were people smoking, people laying on the floor, people on bicycles. Anything except skating. They forgot what the park was created for?

My invitation today is for signs that can specify the purpose of that place and some rules.

We must show Aloha and respect to our keikis and show good example. This is our kuleana as residents of Kaua‘i and of this planet.

Ximena Hoffman, Kalaheo

Hold representatives accountable

One of my favorite proverbs says, “The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their true name.”

Regarding our County Council voting in favor of taking private property in Kilauea away from its rightful owner through the process of eminent domain, there’s only one principled way to perceive such an act. It is THEFT, and our council members should be excoriated as the thieves they truly are.

“Eminent domain” is just a euphemism created to obfuscate the principle of property rights that is the foundation of all freedom. The underlying principle does not become void based on any good intentions of the thief. If your car was stolen but the thief left you a less valuable vehicle in its place so you could still get around, would that negate the crime committed? Just like property taxes, eminent domain is an attack on the property rights of citizens by an oppressive occupying force.

The Kingdom of Hawai‘i was stolen from its people through an act of eminent domain by sugar barons. The Kingdom is currently under foreign occupation by an illegitimate U.S. federal government. Government has only one proper function and that is to defend the rights and liberties of its citizens. Elected officials and other government employees are to be held to the same standards and laws as they enforce upon their constituents. They should not possess special privileges which exempt them from being punished for their crimes. The democratic process does not negate the rights of the voters. Just because the majority of residents choose one criminal over another does not legitimize their crimes. The same principle applies to Kawakami and Ige’s illegal mandates and emergency declarations.

For those of you who feel some allegiance to the United States, it would serve you well to revisit the Declaration of Independence. Your rights are unalienable, being endowed by your creator, not your government. That government derives its power from the consent of the governed. Most importantly, when that government becomes destructive of your liberty, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

You are asleep at the wheel if you can’t recognize the current usurpation of the people’s rights at all levels of government power. The time has come to start holding our representatives accountable for their crimes and protecting the property rights of civilians.

Brady Stewart, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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