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Letters for Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Poem is a message for Kawakami

Homeless Plea

Along the darkest avenues

of life I’ve wandered,

with fear and loneliness

forever haunting.


Wishing not for handouts,

pity, nor unsought charity,

…but only for a home.


A place where I may rest

a heart turned cold

and a troubled mind.

And find some peace, salvation,

as promised by the preacher kind.

So that God may come

and heal my weary soul.

And lift me up to heaven,

so I can, again, feel whole.


Ahh, at last, it seems God has listened.

A good, kind man’s been christened.

To carry forth the burdens

to keep us all from hurtin’.


We praise and thank the mayor

and the workers of his holy team.

For restoring our dignity

and allowing us,…once again, to dream.


In honor of the mayor and our fellow man.

Hans Tangelder, Kapa‘a

Saddened by a fan’s passing

I am so saddened to read of the passing of Gennii Anderson (TGI, 9/9/22). For those of us fortunate to have known this remarkable woman, it is truly a profound loss.

In addition to all of the amazing things she accomplished in her life, she was also the Number One fan of the Aloha Kia Lihu‘e A’s of the Kaua‘i Senior Softball League. Up until a couple of seasons ago, two of our teammates, Tom Midstokke and John Patt, would bring her to our games, set her up in her wheelchair near the dugout and provide her the highlight of her week to cheer on the A’s. She was a very knowledgeable baseball fan, was always quick to point out any mistakes you made in the game, and she was always right. Then she would enjoy our team party after the game with one beer, a plate of food and always dessert. A true fan!

Our team and her many friends and supporters will miss her greatly. RIP, Gennii.

J.C. Crouch, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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