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Letters for Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Get your affairs in order

At this point in time, statements such as “you can’t cure stupid” are certainly ringing true or “you can lead a horse to water but can’t force it to drink” (which is slightly less offensive).

This is all to say that no matter what scientifically unfounded reasons anti-vaxxers have chosen to stubbornly dig their heels in for not getting the vaccinations against Covid it usually changes when they, or a family member, wind up in the hospital seriously ill with this virus. I have witnessed this within my own family.

If you do not want to get vaccinated and you have children to provide for please at least be responsible enough to make sure you have your affairs in order because no matter what you think you are not immortal.

I have lost respect for so many people that I know in this community over this issue from politicians I voted for who I have learned are anti-vax and anti-mask to medical professionals I know who also feel the same way. What a sad, misinformed and conflicted world we life in right now.

Petrina Blakely, Kapa‘a

Reconsider required vaccinations

I am a regular reader of the TGI Forum and wish to commend Jen Cornforth for her rational, well-thought-out letter in Sunday’s (Sept. 12) paper concerning the rush to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for everyone.

I have been vaccinated and plan to get a booster when available, but believe it is not for EVERYONE, especially those with underlying health conditions or natural immunity as a result of previously suffering from COVID-19. In my opinion, Ms. Cornforth’s letter should be sent to all those in charge of attempting to force everyone in the United States to submit to COVID vaccination without exception.

Perhaps our leaders need to reconsider such drastic mandates.

Edie Moe, Oma‘o

It’s time for Coco Palms to come down

My vent (from Gary Hooser’s Sept. 8 opinion) regarding the Coco Palms relic.

What is the ugliest structure on Kaua’i?

What has been Kaua’i’s ugliest structure for the past 20 years?

What is the ugliest structure that locals and visitors pass by daily and look at with shame?

What ugliest structure disfigures the formerly beautiful Wailua River setting?

What ugliest structure disses ancient Hawaiian culture?

The Coco Palms relic.

It’s way past time to get it demolished, ASAP.

Thanks for looking at this negative opinion. Yuck!

Dana Bekeart, Kapa‘a

California counties are no comparison

As with most people on Kaua‘i, I want my county government to be run fairly and efficiently. Terence O’Connor in a Letter to the Editor (TGI 9/12/21) makes a comparison between Kaua‘i County and two counties in California. He shows the ratio of the number of county employees to the populations of each of the three counties and concludes that Kaua‘i is over-governed as it has more county employees per capita than the other two counties in California.

It appears that Mr. O’Connor has omitted an important issue in his analysis: Fresno County has 15 incorporated cities in its boundaries, each with its own municipal government and city employees, including mayors and city councils. Merced County has six incorporated cities in its boundaries, each with municipal governmental structures and employees. So, Merced and Fresno Counties have county and city public servants within their boundaries. Kaua‘i County has zero incorporated cities and one mayor who oversees all Kaua‘i County employees. All of the functions performed by the city employees throughout the 21 incorporated cities in Fresno and Merced Counties are played by the county employees of Kaua‘i. We have no incorporated city municipal governments here.

I think that Mr. O’Connor might find a more correct representation of the ratio of public servants to the county population by adding up all the city and county employees in Merced and Fresno Counties and using those figures in his calculations. I share Mr. O’Connor’s concerns, but in the search for more efficient and effective government, we need accurate comparisons, mangos to mangos. I would suggest that Fresno and Merced Counties do not provide accurate comparisons to Kaua‘i County unless city employees are included in the analysis. In this case, it could be more helpful to compare Kaua‘i County to other counties in the U.S. that do not have incorporated cities in their boundaries.

John Brekke, Ha’ena

Soon, vaccine cards required for admission to anywhere

Now that eateries are requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccine cards to show that one has been totally vaccinated, I wonder, how long will it take for grocery stores, hardware stores, auto part stores, etc. to require what’s mentioned above?

Oops! Did I open up a can of worms? Didn’t mean to. It’s just facts of life!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Public shaming is needed

It is time for The Garden Island to publish the names of those who can’t be contacted or who refuse to cooperate with our COVID-19 contact tracers. And especially those who are abusive to them. People who show utter disregard for the safety of our residents deserve to be known and shamed! I want names!!!

William Hackett, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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