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Letters for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Can we turn Hawai‘i into a Purple State?

It’s been great to see all the Trump supporters in this mainly dominant blue state of Hawaii that many of us call home.

I understand that going straight to being a red state is unrealistic and quite ambitious, but is it at least possible to finally turn this blue state of Hawaii into a purple one?

There is no question that many of us are in search of dire change and a political party/candidates that is able and willing to uphold the rule of law impartially.

For those that don’t want change, clearly demonstrates that sentiment through the use of their middle finger or a thumbs down when passing by peaceful Trump supporters.

I really wish that these folks would stop and talk to us about their view points, rather than showing off their I.Q. level while cowardly cruising down the road.

If we are ever going to unite our divided community, then it needs to start with communication. We know we can’t get this sort of cooperation and transparency from our leaders, but we sure as hell should be able to get it from one another.

It’s time to show our inept elected officials, that we can unite as a community without their help. As we have shown that to be true over and over again.

#drain the swamp next election!

Lisa Malakaua, Hilo Hawai‘i

Celebrating International Day of Democracy

Beginning in 2007, through the United Nations General Assembly, Sept. 15 is International Day of Democracy. Enclosed is a portion of Secretaary of State Michael Pompeo’s speech regarding this commemoration. The full text can be found at

“In recognition of the International Day of Democracy on September 15, we affirm the right of every citizen to take part in the processes of democratic self-governance. Democracies are accountable to their citizens. They respect the rule of law, protect life and property and respect the freedoms, dignity and equality of every person. Today, the world reels from one of the greatest public-health crises in modern times.

“Democracies, authoritarian governments and dictatorships are equally challenged by the coronavirus pandemic, but only democracies are free to debate openly how to respond. Authoritarians of every stripe, meanwhile, remain true to form. Their first priority is not public health, but the protection of their own power.”

How have we done in this nation? Here comes my opinion. The words of the secretary seem to put us somewhere between a democracy and an authoritarian government. That first-priority thing sure is a scathing comment. Where do we go from here? The election sure is a dark and light picture. The dark, Trump, will continue to take us down the hole of fascism with justice and economic opportunity for a few.

The light, Biden, will “build back better,” with strong pillars of justice for all and an economic road that helps us all.

Are we the disunited or the United States of America?

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e

COVID and travel to Hawai‘i

OK, folks, I suggested (emailed Ige, Green and others) back in March, that the state purchase a pile of cheap, laser-light, non-contact thermometers, and test each person during the TSA body scan. Cheap, easy and effective.

It took the governor a couple of months to pick up on the idea, and now it’s regular practice. Great!

Here’s the next move I would like to suggest: There is reportedly now a virtually-instant COVID test made by Abbott that costs $5 per test and is 97% accurate.

So they need to test each passenger and crew member during check-in on all Hawai‘i-bound flights.

Also, test each inter-island passenger as well.


Simple, cheap solution.

Any thoughts? Please pass along this idea to ANYONE who you might think can make a difference. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait months for someone in government to pick up on it.

Ross Perrins, Honoka‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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