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Letters for Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Don’t forget about the middle class

In response to Marian Head’s letter about Coco Palms: Marian, I would love to join you as a resident of the Coco Palms assisted living facility! I visualize a pedestrian bridge over the highway allowing us beach access and lunch at the mysterious round restaurant, which I am told was a part of Coco Palms.

The population that I find needs affordability in retirement is those between the two financial extremes. Kauai has affordable retirement communities for low income and high income, but the rest of us don’t qualify for either.

So let’s build a retirement community for middle-income folks, surrounded by a Kauai cultural center with roots in the sacred history of Coco Palms.

Ruta Jordans, Kapaa

Wisdom can come from trees

I have recently written “Look to the Trees” and thought perhaps you might be able to use it to bring attention to Arbor Day later this month.

Look to the trees,

for long have they dwelt upon the Earth,

and they shall teach you

of the comings and goings

and the patterns of Life.

They know intimately

the Powers that Be here,

the Earth and the Air,

the Water and the Sun,

and how to deal with each of them.

The trees understand the turning of the day,

and the turning of the seasons.

They know how to live peacefully

with a variety of neighbors,

and how to give shelter to those small and delicate.

Trees know patience,

and how to be at peace.

Look to the trees,

if you would find beauty and comfort,

and wisdom and wonder.

In all of these things,

they are truly masters,

and we can surely learn from them.

Kapua Janai, Waimea
Source: The Garden Island

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