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Letters for Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Being prepared

As we watch what is unfolding on Maui, I can’t help but reflect on what Kaua‘i has gone through with ‘Iniki, and then the floods and landslides.

So my question is, what can our island do to make changes to our infrastructure and utility system in advance of another disaster?

We all know that underground utilities would likely be optimal wherever possible. But I have heard that other states use automatic shutoffs when winds increase over a certain speed. Is this possible for Kaua‘i?

As for the flooding and landslides on our battered North Shore, it’s obvious something needs to change when it comes to the placement of the highway, specifically Princeville traveling down the hill, which should moved inland where it used to be for starters.

What exactly are we waiting for?

Petrina Blakely, Kapa‘a

Controlled burning

In the old days throughout our Hawai‘i, we had sugar cane and pineapple.

Today, most of those lands are unused and grow some new, to Hawai‘i, kinds of grass.

This grass is not burned off periodically like the sugar cane was in dry years.

These grasses become major fuel sources for wildfires.

I humbly would like to suggest any lands, public or private, that are not in cultivation or pasturage be subject to “controlled burning,” which won’t 100 percent stop wildfires, but will certainly make it easier to control them.

Bob Butler, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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