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Letters for Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Illegal fireworks coming again

Just read the article in The Garden Island about purchasing legal fireworks at Pacific Fireworks pop-up by purchasing a permit. That’s great for legal and safe fireworks, but if you’re into the real-illegal stuff, you might to check out the small side street off Ka‘ana Street and Unahe Street here in Lihu‘e.

In past years, we have seen war-zone explosions which sent dangerous fragments raining down on nearby homes without regard for the danger lurking in the fragments, which, fortunately, haven’t started burning down a home or two.

Contacted local authorities a couple of years ago with boxes of spent fragments. Got the feeling that not much would become of my complaint, and to this date nothing has. So I’m expecting a huge illegal show again this year.

Richard Vals, Lihu‘e

Can’t find N95 masks on Kaua‘i

I am working on Kaua‘i for January and February. With the latest science telling us the standard face masks now available are almost useless to protect against the highly transmissible omicron variant, I tried to buy a small supply of the N95 or KN95 masks.

None of the major drug stores, the Wilcox or Kaiser pharmacies, Safeway, Home Depot or Costco had any. It would be nice if Kaua‘i County could be proactive and assure there is a supply on the island.

I did find some on Amazon, but delivery will take two weeks. The pessimist in me tells me I will eventually find out they are “delayed,” not available, or on back order!


The Rev. Pete Wright, Kekaha

Worried about large lands purchases

I just read Mark Zuckerberg is buying more of our lands.

People of Kaua‘i, we need to learn by history how the rich bought up other places, forcing the local people off their land.

98% of Lana‘i is owned by Larry Ellison, so where does that leave the local people? Oh yeah, on 2% of their own land (ha, ha).

Zuckerberg, STOP trying to take over the ownership of our lands. And to our local government, you should be aware of this and protect our lands or be replaced, whether you local or not.

Ramon Garza, Kekaha
Source: The Garden Island

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