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Letters for Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Let’s keep our beaches clean

We’re a small local business who has noticed that many of our beaches on Kauai are getting filled with trash. We rent camper vans to visitors to Kauai, and we have begun inviting them to clean up a bag of trash while we’re here. We provide every renter with a plastic bag and gloves and will give away a free T-shirt to any who join us in our effort.

We are also happy to give anyone in the community (whether they do business with us or not) a free T-shirt if they participate by filling up a bag of trash at the beach.

We were inspired to do this when one day we were at Hanamaulu taking some photos and our friend gathered up some trash. In about 15 minutes he had enough to fill a whole garbage bag! That beach has potential to be much more beautiful than it is if we keep it clean.

Anyone who would like to join in can find more details on our website, or by giving us a call (phone number is listed on the top of our home page).

Ray Banks, Lihue

GOP has more than enough faults

I’m delighted that Kimo found welcome at the Republican gathering. Everyone deserves a coterie. He lauds the GOP.

He laments being denied services because of his MAGA clothing. The GOP favors denial of services on the basis of immutable traits like sex (ERA opposition), disability (ADA opposition and weakening), race (Civil Rights Act opposition), gender identity ( “religious freedom” bills), national origin (Mexican rapists, Hispanic judges), etc.

It’s the “pro-life” party! Its advocacy for capital punishment, huge military budget, withdrawal from nuclear arms treaties, refusal to join global ban on landmines, Trump’s adulation of despots with bloody hands like Kim Jung Un, Putin, Xi Jinping, and Duterte, refusal to sanction Saudi Arabia for the Khashoggi killing (US citizen and journalist), continued involvement in the Yemen war where death and starvation are rampant, etc., make that an empty moniker.

Next: support for the right to bear arms. Obtaining a gun, even an AR-15, remains easy. Reducing the slaughter (right to life?) of 40,000 Americans annually seems a more pressing issue. Our Supreme Court says gun regulation is permissible: why are attempts to define that anti-Second Amendment?

It “amazes” Kimo that most fellow Jews don’t support the Republicans. I’m a firm believer in Israel’s right to exist. Most people and scholars who want to achieve a lasting Mideast peace decry the US’s recently taking positions designed to enrage the non-Israelis, thereby disqualifying itself as a mediator. Millions there live in poverty and without hope. That offends our Jewish tradition and sensibilities: “Shalom” is our favored greeting.

I’ve written before that the GOP border strategy/immigration hysteria is merely a deflection from looking at the real cause of many of America’s woes – its infatuation with billionaires.

May your days be filled with qloha, Kimo. Glad you found your compatriots. Shalom.

Jed Somit, Kapaa
Source: The Garden Island

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