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Letters for Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Just some ideas to lesson traffic clogs

Mr. Domingo, have you driven up these narrow roads during peak hours when tourists are out and parked vehicles/walking along the side of the road, or are you at home reading the newspaper online at your retirement age?

My work takes me driving up Koke‘e State Park four times a week. I see the dangerous condition rental cars parked on the side or quarter of the road lane around blind curves. There have been a lot of near misses I’ve seen. There are tour buses, semi trucks, workers and bicyclists (occasionally hikers walking up Koke‘e Road to Route 552). These rental vehicles make it dangerous to be parked on/quarter of the road lanes, for what is mentioned in the sentence before.

I’m not saying to ban rental vehicles completely, but to limit it to those who come to work for the day from other islands/states.

Yes, “there are a lot of local people with two or more vehicles on the road.” Most of these local vehicles are used to and from work and school. They are parked for eight or more hours at the work/school area.

Tourists who come here are looking for adventure. What better way is there than to walk/hike around the island. To see the Waimea Canyon, Pu‘uhinahina and Kalalau lookouts, catch the tour bus.

I’m simply suggesting ideas to lessen traffic clogs on our highways/roads So, Mr. Domingo, quit reading too much into it!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Maybe ask Waimea what they want

Am I the only one who thinks the stoplight in Waimea is RIDICULOUS?

Why are the state and county shoving a stoplight down the throats of the Waimea and Kekaha community? I have not talked to a single person who knew there was a stoplight coming. And NO ONE I have spoken to is happy about it. In fact, everyone I know is VERY UPSET.

The LAST thing Waimea needs is a stoplight. You never have to wait more than a few seconds before someone lets you turn into traffic. And the intersection where they are putting the light is the least busy!

If the county really cared about helping Waimea’s traffic flow and protecting our kids getting out of school, they would put in traffic circles like the one by Chiefess or the Kapa‘a bypass and Po‘ipu. Those have actually been proven around the world to improve traffic flow by eliminating stops. But, once again, the county is showing the Westside community that we are the last ones on the list.

Look at the Kalaheo stoplight around 3 p.m. if you need an example of what will become of our town. I for one do not want to sit in a line of traffic stretching all the way back to the base so the county and their American consultants can pat themselves on the back.

In an election year, it might be smarter to ask Waimea what we want for once, instead of just telling us what’s good for us. And we DEFINITELY DON’T WANT A STOPLIGHT. Isn’t Waimea worth a traffic circle? Let’s stand up for our town! If you feel the same as me, let them know!

Ka‘iulani Martin, Waimea
Source: The Garden Island

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