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Letters for Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Reader says paper is ‘unfocused,’ ‘sloppy’

I have been subscribing to The Garden Island for 15 years and have noticed that the newspaper has become unfocused and sloppy recently.

w An article in the 6/2/22 front page titled, “Keiki go to court for climate” was not included in the online paper;

w Reporting on COVID daily numbers on the front page has suddenly disappeared even though there is an upsurge in COVID;

w Reporting on the County Council, its schedule and issues that come before it are not consistently reported in a way that would be helpful to people who live on this island. While, for example, a small earthquake in China might be in the paper;

Am requesting that you change your focus on what’s important and worth reporting to people who live on this island and Hawai‘i, what theyʻre like, and what their real concerns are. For instance, policies and changes in county government. Changes in land ownership. Verifiable changes in climate and increasing pollution, which is very real. Affordable housing, which is super real.

Thanks for considering these thoughts.

Sylvia Partridge, Princeville

War of words between Perry, Rosen continues

You published a column by Mark Perry in your Sunday, June 12, 2022 edition titled, “Calling Kimo on the carpet.”

I would like to respond to Mr. Perry’s column. First of all, I do not appreciate being called a liar as he states in his first sentence. Mr. Perry needs to pay attention and be more cognitive of what he reads and remembers.

First, he says I said around a year ago, it was actually back in December (six months ago) in Other Voices, “Kollar, Like, Iseri, politics and the dollar.” The link follows:

Perry said I stated, “I wrote my final political piece.”

What I said was, “Commencing the next election as I currently feel, I will not publicly endorse any politician including those in the upcoming special election for a new county prosecutor.”

Notice Mr. Perry, I said, “as I currently feel.” This gives me every right to change my mind if I wish, and BTW I still have not publicly endorsed any candidates running for office.

I usually never respond to the haters or people busting my chops in letters of response, however, Mr. Perry seems to have made a hobby of busting my chops in regards to my guest columns and letters over the years, and I just felt compelled this one time to give back some of his own medicine.

“And now you know the rest of the story, good day.”

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa‘a

Keep on writing, Kimo

Kudos to Kimo for bringing interesting points of view to enhance our island living!

Don’t be discouraged by the occasional critic.

Raley Peterson, Waimea
Source: The Garden Island

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