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Letters for Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Home doesn’t belong on ridge

In 1951, I immigrated to Territory Honolulu, when my dad got a job at U.H. In 1970, I moved to Hanalei with my husband and kids. In 2005, I followed my grandkids to Haiku, Maui, where I live.

This letter is about the awful plan to build a rambling luxury home on the most public ridge in Hanalei: from the Lookout to the U-turn. We picked strawberry guavas there from 1970-2005. The traffic noise is constant, as you hear each car twice: above and below.

Geologic studies show this ridge to be identical to the Wainiha Slide ridge (clay and rotting lava). Imagine how destabilizing digging the deep foundation, with septic tank, water lines, and the giant planned pool, will be. Then imagine an earthquake.

On Maui, a trophy home separated the highway from a beloved view of the ocean. Residents started honking their protest. “No Honking” sign appeared … even more honking … house sold … view gone forever.

Strawberry guava picking led us to a Heiau. Research showed it was for Kane i ka wai ola, God of Creation and Fresh Water, above Hanalei River.

Please protect the heiau by keeping private development off the ridge. Kauai views are like gazing at the profile of a loved One. It is bad enough losing the ‘aina to wealthy off-islanders. Please keep them from sticking their fancy homes in our faces.

Sue Wilson, Honolulu, Hanalei, Haiku

Congress should not be deciding for women

Why are men of Congress deciding what is best for women? The men of Congress are deciding to ban abortion in some states but it should be up to all women to decide what they want to do to their bodies.

A man shouldn’t have a say in the debate of abortion. They don’t understand how pregnancy can greatly affect a woman’s life, positively and negatively.

It seems that they only care about controlling women than women’s rights. Instead, instead of men saying their opinions, they should simply support for the opposite sex. It is our body, our choice, and our business.

Jemaica Tumbaga, Kauamakani
Source: The Garden Island

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