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Letters for Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pros and cons on North Shore school

I recently read the “Proposing a secondary school” article and for the most part agree with the ideas.

First of all, the aquatic center sounds like it would be a great thing for the North Shore, offering a place to get wet if the surf is too big.

As far as the school proposal, many people live on the North Shore, yet there’s only one school, and an elementary school at that. I understand the reasoning for wanting another school, as kids that live in Hanalei have to go to Kapaa elementary and high school, which is no doubt a long drive.

However, this would create a problem from the high school sports point. For decades upon decades, there has been Waimea, Kauai, Kapaa, and Island School, playing against each other.

Bringing a school to the North Shore would dilute the talent, making everything more spread out, and lessening the level of competition. Another thing would be the ridiculously long drive for athletes, potentially having to go from Waimea to Hanalei, which just isn’t realistic.

Levi Snowden, Kekaha

Most of us are guests on Kauai

The recent article on Henry Noa’s visit to Kauai surprised me since I had seen no previous announcement of his meetings. It is good to see coverage such as this so that those of us who live here and keep abreast of important happenings..We need to keep in mind that many of us who live here are really just guests on this wonderful island.

Marjorie Gifford, Princeville

Celebration with music, vendors worthy of coverage

I am very disappointed in the Garden Isle for not covering the May Day by the Bay celebration held on May 11 at Waioli Park. It was a phenomenal event. Hula, music, food, local vendors. All promoting Hawaiian culture. There sure were enough articles on the mudslide and road closures on the way down to Hanalei. This did not help attendance. The road was open and there were no backups.

We also need to support the business in Hanalei. Especially now. I have heard that visitors are being told to avoid the area. Don’t let that get in your way if you want to travel to Hanalei. So what if you have to sit for 5-10 minutes waiting for your turn on the single lane highway while they repair and fix the problem(s). Support the business and events in Hanalei.

Wendy Elsasser, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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