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Letters for Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Dr. Downs saved many lives, won respect

This May Day, as we honor people with flower lei and remember workers who uphold our communities, Dr Monty Downs is moving on from his five decades of caring for people in all kinds of distress in the Wilcox ER, to becoming the director of Hospice.

When someone works day and night for 50 years, with their whole heart and soul, they usually have something to show for it. As for Dr. Downs, the results of his efforts are unseen, but they live on in all the people he has uplifted not just with his medical expertise, but with his buoyant way of being and seeing the world. Kaua‘i has been uplifted by his music, ocean safety leadership, rodeo riding, etc., as well as his doctoring all these years.

Having worked with Dr. Downs as an ER nurse long ago, I remember him teaching me how to fashion my mainland ER skills to meet the needs of local people. I remember how he gave his absolute attention, heartfelt care and wonderful humor to each patient and family. In my 42 years of ER nursing, much of it in large teaching hospitals and trauma centers, I never met any doctor I respected more than Dr. Downs. Working with him was like being out to sea with the finest captain. He has saved many lives.

So thank you, Dr. Downs. May all that you have given, expecting nothing in return, uplift you, your wife and your family, in all ways, as you begin your next chapter.

Janet Hull, Coupeville, Washington

Hard pass on Kai Kahele

He was so committed to representing us in Washington that he now wants to be Hawai‘i’s next governor? I’m OK with him resigning after finishing his term, as he has never represented me. But as our next governor? It’s a hard pass for me.

Don’t forget he originally got into office after Governor Ige appointed him to his late father’s state Senate seat. How convenient then to move to up to the House in Washington when Tulsi Gabbard resigned to run for president.

According to Civil Beat, Kahele has voted by proxy at least 120 times since taking office, voting in person only five times, citing the near universal excuse, the “ongoing public health emergency.” He worked out a sweet deal with Hawaiian Airlines to keep his pilot job while “representing” us, but maybe his being on the Aviation Subcommittee in the House gave him a leg up on that front. At any rate, he’s just another self-serving politician.

By the way, Dr. Josh Green will not be any better. The only difference there is he’s been in the state government hierarchy long enough to be more adept at dodging the usual pitfalls. And compared to Governor Ige during the public health emergency mentioned above, Green managed to come across at least slightly more reasoned. Why not look at another option? Haven’t we had enough authoritarian, tax-and-regulate Democrats in Hawai‘i to last a life time?

Mikie Kerr, Waikoloa, Hawai‘i Island

Doesn’t want Kauanoa o Koloa

What is happening right now in Koloa is hewa, and the elected officials of this island should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the development of the proposed Kauanoa o Koloa to move forward.

Destroying lava tubes, home to a critically endangered spider only found on Kauaʻi, disturbing known burial grounds and displacing even more local families does not seem like the way to perpetuate the life of the land in righteousness.

What’s more, this editorial on its coverage of the protests a few weeks ago, diminishing the supporters of the movement to a “handful,” is a knock to the hundreds who have been submitting testimony at County Council meetings, calling in stop-work orders, contacting their local officials and posting on social media regarding this issue for moths.

There have been numerous submissions to this paper regarding the issue of over tourism, over development, and outsiders coming in and buying up property only to exploit it for short term vacation rentals. What’s been done? Who has the backbone to stand up for what is right and not crumble to the bribery of haoles?

Gary Pinkston and Meridian Pacific own 40 other properties across the state, and this development in Koloa is necessary why? This development in Koloa is meant to benefit who? Affordable housing is going to be built when???

According to a Hawaiʻi Life article by Brenna Harrington on the development, “…these new condominiums are filling a void for new inventory on Kaua‘i.” I could not roll my eyes harder.

Mahalo to KKCR and Aunty Nani with “Living Sovereign” for having a lovely wahine on the air this past Monday (5/2) discussing this issue. Mahalo to Save Koloa for their efforts. Mahalo to all of those who are taking any kine action to bring this issue to light in hopes to aʻole Kauanoa o Koloa.

Anna Meyers, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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