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Letters for Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Our democracy depends on credible vote counts

Ray Domingo wrote that Trump and his supporters should concede the election (Nov. 16 letters).

Our right to vote in a fair election is a sacred right. For our democracy to function, we need confidence in the integrity of the process.

There are many reports of potential fraud or unconstitutionality. Mr. Domingo wrote that anyone who believes that any of these reports might be true is “naïve or stupid-thinking.” Polls indicate that this includes most Trump voters. Mr. Domingo admitted that he is not smart, but he harshly judged over 50 million voters.

The media told us that Joe Biden would win by a landslide. They were showing Florida (a key indicator) as leaning toward Biden. At the same time, I heard from conservative sources that the early voting already showed that Trump would win Florida.

I was so stupid-thinking that I did not believe the major media. I even went out on a limb and wrote a letter here before the election (see 11/1) that Trump would win Florida.

I am not as confident now that Trump will win the overall election as I was about Florida. However, the same sources who opposed the media and said that Trump would win Florida are now reporting the likelihood of major fraud that could change the results in many states.

There are videos of Republican observers being denied their legal rights to observe the vote counting. Denying observers their proper rights looks like an admission of guilt. In many counties, there were more votes cast than the number of residents of legal age to vote.

There are reports of Dominion voting machines, designed by people on the left, that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden in just one county. These same machines were used in many states with millions of ballots. It is reported that Texas refused to purchase Dominion machines because the software had back-door access that would allow outsiders to manipulate the results.

There is no honest reason to oppose examinations of the election. If major fraud or unconstitutionality is found, it should be exposed. If Biden still wins the election after more scrutiny, so much better for him. Many left-wing advocates are in favor of more recounts and legal challenges to drive home Biden’s apparent victory.

It is unlikely that recounts and challenges would uncover every bit of fraud, be we should at least allow some time for sunlight on the election process.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa

It’s abandoned cars, not brain surgery

Aloha. Just wanted to comment on the abandoned-car situation.

Why are taxpayers paying for the cost of abandoned cars? This is ridiculous. All cars have VIN numbers stamped on the engine (Vehicle Identification Numbers).

Find the owner and make them responsible.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Something’s fishy on this council

KANISHESHIRO. The ‘Oma‘o hub a tourist attraction for a bucolic strand of Koloa Road. I don’t like what I read this week about Kaneshiro’s project.

It would seem his bill allowing this project was a bill HE introduced to allow retail use of agriculture land he owns. Kaneshiro introduces a county bill that he personally benefits from. Something wrong with that concept, almost Trump-like. I see a turning lane in one direction is well under construction. Insider information, perhaps?

I don’t see this as a community benefit, but personal gain for a county councilmember.

My two cents.

Rick Atwell, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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