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Letters for Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Politicians, protect us from pesticides

So what we are to believe is the pesticide companies are our friends?

They are just growing food to feed the world. How noble.

Or are they deceiving us into letting them use our precious land as an experimental lab to test some of the deadliest cancer-causing chemicals in the world? I’m going with the second guess.

They are only dumping 70 tons a year, 140,000 pounds of pesticides, onto our lands, into our waterways, and into the air.

Political figures, help us out, please. That’s why we voted for you, to protect us.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Mayor, please opt out of reopening

Dear Mayor Kawakami,

If you have read my previous letter to you, you will remember that I have great admiration for the way you have steered our ship through these seven months of pandemic.

At this juncture, there remains a way, a better way than the state’s plan, to pursue a safe opening. You need more time to get it right. Another month might do it. It is worth waiting. As for the opening in under two weeks:


Please, quickly join Mayor Kim in opting out of the ill-advised and hell-bent project of opening up to spreaders and even potentially super-spreaders of this dreadful virus.


Big Island needs to do this because it had 43 new cases on Saturday alone.

You don’t want to wait for that to be your reason.

Please continue on your well-chosen and wise course of seeking how to get us out of this soon, but safely.

Phyllis Albert, Ph.D., Koloa

Trump deserved it

The scientists have for a long time, many times, often times, daily and for months, said to wear the masks, wear the masks, and wear the masks, and avoid big crowds and large groups, and practice distancing. They’ve also mentioned that the coronavirus is not prejudiced or racist, and does not and will not only attack the Filipinos, Japanese, Hawaiians, Latinos, LBGTs, and people of colors. It attacks anyone and everyone.

With Trump defying everything the scientists said, Trump with a MILD case of the coronavirus, (what is a MILD case? Either you have it or you don’t) has he proven anything? Is he right, or am I wrong to say that he knows nothing about the virus, could care less whether people got it or not, or is he simply just ignorant? He is never above or smarter than those scientists. Is it good that he has it? Insensitive as I may sound and be, I think so, and he deserved it.

I remembered growing up in Waimea, as a kid, an old Hawaiian lady used to tell me when something bad happened and I didn’t listen, and obviously it happened to me, she used to say, “Mai tai, because you were LOLO!” And how do I feel about Trump now? Just like the Hawaiian lady said.

Tell me now, tell me is it good Trump got the virus?

Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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