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Letters for Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Plan now for future infrastructure

I almost totally agree with Nicholas Moore (The Garden Island Forum, Aug. 29).

Kaua‘i desperately needs the Powerline Road. Just last week I was driving in front of Coco Palms and my car was completely engulfed by a huge wave.

I disagree about putting housing or towns up near the Powerline Road, but feeder roads down are very important. Next century there will be a need for those towns,but not now. But we need another way around the island other than Kuhio Highway.

The longer we wait the more expensive it will be. It could even be a toll road, and we would all gladly pay it.

Pretty soon, those of us living north of the Wailua River are going to be cut off from Lihu‘e more and more.

Since it takes so long to build infrastructure, the time to start planning is NOW.

Helena Cooney, Kapa‘a

Many oppose site of KPD Kapa‘a substation

The article in The Garden Island with regard to the proposed police substation is not completely accurate.

There are many more than a handful of people who object to this proposal.

The Waimea station is not adjacent to a residential area. The Hanalei station is adjacent to the fire station. And (the new substation) would be a good place near our fire station as well.

The KPAL building on Mahelona property is the perfect place for a substation. It is close enough to the highway that a driveway for access would be short, and would take them to the main road and access to the bypass road. And it is far enough from residences.

And put the Boys and Girls Club in the abandoned house, requiring little renovation for their needs.

The ingress and egress from the proposed site is problematic for the police, to get onto Kawaihau Road without them turning on their sirens.

And Brian and Colleen McCracken’s backyard is steps away from this proposed location, and I certainly do not blame them for being extremely concerned.

Our subdivision here in Hundley Heights has never had a crime problem.

Stephanie Iona is on the board of Mahelona and voted for this station, and she lives in Waimea and does not live near the Waimea station.

Kawaihau Road is probably one of the busiest roads in Kapa‘a because of the residential areas it feeds. We don’t need the police making it even busier. They need to be closer to the main road.

Marjorie Lewis, Kapa‘a

Interior road a terrible idea

Dear Garden Island;

I would like to know from Nicholas Moore how long he has lived on Kaua‘i.

His suggestion of a ‘Powerline Drive’ is ill-conceived if not dangerous.

Besides the terrain up throughout much of that trail, the ‘drive’ would go into somewhat pristine areas for floral gathering and hunting.

Those things would be lost, and a road through the interior will open up urbanization most definitely, ruining this island forever. Just my take on that idea of a mauka interior road.

Masa Shirai, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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